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Phonebashing ( you ever find yourself moaning and groaning about the fact that cell phones have become one of the more irritating facts of modern life? Do you wish sometimes you could actually do something about it? Well, meet the feisty folks at Phonebashing. Their mission statement says it all: Kill mobile phones. The site includes a selection of video clips demonstrating various grab and run techniques employed by the Phonebashing troupe. The videos feature "real members of the public and no one was refunded for the loss of their mobile telephone." Not that we are advocating such action, of course. Also look for a link to the official Solid Gold Chart Busters site.What to do about Aggressive Moose ( readers who live in parts of the country where they might encounter renegade moose, we offer this site as a sort of public service announcement. For the rest, well, let's just call it a slice of Internet life. Moose, we learn here, are not normally aggressive, but they don't like dogs, loud people or snowballs. Just so you know. Then of course there is the mating season. It would be unwise to overlook the mating season. We also learn some handy do's and don'ts, such as whether or not it is okay to feed moose and what to do if you discover one standing next to your house or car door. If you think the correct answer is to invite the moose in, a study of this site is very much in order.Chank Company Fonts ( you are one of those people who feel -- rightly, we might add -- that a person cannot have enough fonts, could become your home away from home. Chank has a virtual truckload of wonderful, imaginative fonts for sale, all reasonably priced, and they also give away one free font a month. And these are not the half-baked free fonts some sites offer, but full-fledged and highly original fonts, most of which are suitable for either PC or Mac. Their motto, by the way, is Fonts for the Naughties. You are unlikely to find another such gloriously pun-invested font site.The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee ( history books make note of many prisoners who although they claim innocence, remain in custody for years, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Some prisoners, such as Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, capture the public's attention and find freedom, but many are not so lucky. Native leader Leonard Peltier has spent the last 24 years in prison and continues to fight for his freedom despite a case said to involve "glaring human and constitutional violations." Those who have spoken out on his behalf include the late Mother Theresa, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Amnesty International, Robert Redford, and Jesse Jackson among others. This official site features information on the history of his case, plans of action and suggestions for local action on Peltier's ( say a photograph is worth a thousand words, which should come in very handy at this site since it contains very little text at all (in truth, we're not even 100 per cent certain we have the right title!) Nevermind. Fabrice Andreucci's photos in L'esprit de la Foret (The Forest spirit) capture the subject in breathtaking color, in contrast to Frederick-Edwin Bertin's black and white studies of his Cambridge series. Franck Appert's Babel presents 27 interactive paintings (guess where the link is for each) and Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen offer a wonderful QuickTime video.


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