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eBaby: Your Personal Baby Trading Community ( is a letter-perfect parody of another like-named site, only this one proclaims --rather proudly-- to be the worldâs first, biggest and best person-to-person baby trading community. Buy and sell, trade and upgrade, you can do it all here. Not really, of course, but it sure does look real. The site is the brainchild of a company responsible for a network of parody and porn sites (so yes, the window that opens does lead to a legit porn site) but the parody of eBaby is very funny and very tasteless at the same time. Our favorite is an upcoming special featuring a collection of babies who look like presidents. Marry Tom Arnold ( ladies, have we got a deal for you. Forget what Roseanne said, we have it on hellava good authority that Tom Arnold is actually a good catch. A little bit unpredictable, perhaps, but otherwise, well, let's just say that he certainly qualifies as a fish in the sea. Tom is single again, as you may have heard, and on the lookout for a possible bride. To that end he has set up this Website and is inviting women to write in and "convince" him that they are the gal for him. He's looking for someone who is "an adult single woman of child-bearing age, good with children, willing to relocate, has goals and self-confident enough to wear a bathing suit on vacation." He claims to have had over 10,000 responses thus far and in early April he plans to go out on a few "casual dates" with some of the candidates. We expect and pray that details on these dates will be posted here. Jello Shots 101 (, Jello is not just for snacking any more. In fact, thanks to something called Jello Shots, it has become one of the most popular party snacks around. Full details are available here, but in essence you simply prepare your Jello as usual, but instead of using water, you simply add your drink of choice (including various combinations involving vodka, brandy and rum). Set to chill and you're ready to roll, but as with all things having to do with alcohol, not without a word of warning: Before you head out to party with your Jello Shots, bear in mind that it will take between 10 to 12 hours for the mix to set, but you can cut that time to four to six hours if you chill the alcohol beforehand. So for goodness sake, please try to plan ahead. Aggressive Driving: Three Studies ( in the old days they used to call it "acting like an idiot," but today we have new names for it: Aggressive driving or the more popular Road Rage. Either way, it is becoming the rule of the road. Between January 1990 to September 1, 1996, at least 10,037 incidents of aggressive driving in the United States that were reported. This site presents three rather dry but interesting reports on the problem, offering as well tips on how to survive if someone starts acting like an idiot. Among the suggestions: Think twice before using your horn to say "hello" to a passing pedestrian; the driver in front of you may think you are honking at him. And if a hostile motorist tries to pick a fight, do not make eye contact. Travels with my Laptop ( the UK (and perhaps elsewhere for all we know!) they call it the Gap Year and when it came time for Derek Jackson to do his between year, he decided to do something a little more personal. So in 1998-99 Derek and his laptop set off for East Africa, in particular Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, and Kenya. Along the way the two had a few rather unusual experiences, including the usual safaris and African sights, plus malaria, military arrests, bomb attacks, shootings, food poisoning and lots more. He has recounted his adventures here and his tales --plus photos-- are well worth reading.

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