MUSIC NEWS OF THE WORLD: Smashing Pumpkins Fire Drummer

SMASHING PUMPKINS FIRE DRUMMER JIMMY CHAMBERLINAddicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg reports: The Smashing Pumpkins announced on Wed., July 17 that they have parted ways with drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. The group will be seeking "an immediate replacement," and are scheduled to resume their tour in August. We understand that their next scheduled show is in San Francisco at the Cow Palace on August 17th, however no August tour dates have been announced yet. All remaining July shows were canceled following the July 12 death of Pumpkins touring keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin. Chamberlin was charged last Friday with misdemeanor drug possession. Police said paraphernalia was found in the hotel room where Chamberlin and Melvoin injected heroin the night of July 11th, shortly before the midnight hour. Chamberlin is set to appear in court in New York for his arraignment on August 13. In a statement released today, the three remaining Pumpkins said: "Today we are very sorry to tell our friends and fans that we have decided to sever our relationship with our friend and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. This may come as a shock to some, to others not, but to us it is devastating. For nine years we have battled with Jimmy's struggles with the insidious disease of drug and alcohol addiction. It has nearly destroyed everything we are and stand for. We have decided to carry on without him and we wish him the best that we have to offer. The three of us plan to seek an immediate replacement and to finish the touring that we had started at the beginning of this year. We would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and support in this very tragic week." The statement was signed: The Smashing Pumpkins: Billy, D'Arcy and James.LEMON FRESH: NEW LEMONHEADS LINE-UP & ALBUMAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: After several years in the wilderness, many of them spent making the scene rather than music, Evan Dando is preparing to return to playing songs rather than second fiddle in the Courtney Love Story. Scheduled for an October 1st release is Car Button Cloth , the new Lemonheads album being recorded in Woodstock, New York with producer Bryce Goggin (Breeders, Spacehog). The new Lemonheads' line-up includes drummer Patrick Murphy (previously of Dinosaur Jr.), bassist Dina Waxman (from Three and Yuichi) and guitarist Bill Gibson (Eastern Dark). The album features several songs co-written by Dando and collaborators such as Eugene Kelley of Eugenius, Noel Gallagher of Oasis and Epic Soundtracks. According to label sources, the album will also (eventually) contain some "special guest appearances" from Friends of Evan (FOE). Does Weezer know about this?IDLE IDOLAddicted to Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: If an old geezebag like Gary Glitter was able to practically blind Roger Daltrey during rehearsals for the recent London performance of the Who's Quadrophenia, imagine what the walking-talking rap sheet on wheels Billy Idol might do to the guy. Stretching the phrase "special guest star" to its logical limits (unless you're Zsa Zsa or a Sheen, don't you actually have to do something to be a star?), the spiky-haired one will be joining the Who, plus Zak Starkey (son of Ringo) on drums, for six performances of Pete Townshend's multimedia rock opera in New York's Madison Square Garden on July 16-18 and July 20-22. Surprisingly, this is not the first time Idol, who will be appearing as the characters "Ace Face" and "The Bellboy," has joined the Who for this kind of event. If you remember correctly, he also appeared in the original revival of Tommy in the late '80's alongside Patti LaBelle and Steve Winwood. Idol, who along with the rest of the free world, would probably like to forget his last disaster, the dreadful Cyberpunk , is apparently working on a new album due sometime in 1997. Now, if he had any brains, he would call up his chums from Generation X and stage a Sex Pistols-like comeback. They could perform the various versions and remixes of "Dancing With Myself" for an hour.BEASTIE BOYS & SONIC YOUTH MEMBERS BOW TO THE GERMSMembers of Sonic Youth, the Beastie Boys, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hole and Mudhoney appear on the upcoming Germs' tribute album, which will be released August 27th. The Germs were a late '70s L. A.-based hardcore punk outfit that formed in the wake of the New York and U.K. punk explosion of the mid-'70s. The group was led by the outrageous Darby Crash, who died of a heroin overdose on December 6, 1980. Crash was just 22. The 20-track compilation includes Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Mike D (Beastie Boys) and former Black Flag bassist Kira Roessler, calling themselves The Puzzle Panther (that's the name of a Germs' song), doing a version of "Now I Hear the Laughter," Flea's acoustic version of "Media Blitz," and J Mascis and Mike Watt doing "What We Do Is A Secret." L7 check in with "Lion's Share," Monkey Wrench (with members of Mudhoney) deliver "Shut Down," D-Generation revamp "No Gods," NOFX are there with "Forming" and the Melvin's come through with "Lexicon Devil." Tracks were recorded over a five year period under the supervision of executive producer Bill Bartell. A video for the Posies' version of "Richie Dagger's Crime" -- which, by the way, finds the group setting Germs' lyrics to four Beatles' melodies) was directed by Dave Markey (The Year Punk Broke) and includes Drew Barrymore, Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson and cameos by many L. A. scenesters.ALIENS EXPECTED AT ENIT FESTIVALAddicted To Noise New York correspondent Lori Miller reports: Porno For Pyros leader Perry Farrell, the man who dreamed up Lollapalooza, is a good communicator. At the press conference on Friday (July 12) for his upcoming, innovative multi-media and music festival, ENIT, he told a story about a guy at the Porno for Pyros' show the night before who kept waving to Perry with his middle finger. It became kind of distracting, so Perry asked the kid what he was doing. The kid stuck his middle finger in the air again and yelled "Where's your anger?" When this didn't elicit the angry response he'd hoped for from Perry, the guy pulled down his pants. So Perry pulled down his. It was so embarrassing, Perry told the crowd of reporters at his press conference. He didn't want to pull down his pants, but what else could he do? He wanted to speak to the guy on his level.With the ENIT festival, Perry hopes to communicate with all the universe -- humans, trees, extraterrestrials. ENIT is a word taken from a book entitled Cancer Planet Mission that means an "intergalactic festival where all the civilized planets of the universe come together in peace and harmony."According to Perry, ENIT has been celebrated throughout the cosmos except for here on earth. Not anymore. He used the story about the angry rock fan at the Porno for Pyros show to illustrate the difference between the Perry Farrell that proposed and organized the first few Lollapalooza tours and the Perry Farrell who is bringing a "musical, sensory and communal touring experience" to a meadow near you. Since he remains a shareholder in Lollapalooza, he still sees some of the profits, which has enabled him to finance ENIT.The ENIT extravaganzas will include a communal meal and happy hour, tree planting, interactive media and performance, camping and sunrise yoga -- for an estimated ticket price of $37. Perry and his team of what he called his "aggressive young men" have lined up bands, performers and DJs, including Love and Rockets, DJ Afrika Bambaataa, the Orb, Meat Beat Manifesto and Lady Miss Kier. They've gotten the required ordinances from city councils in several states to hold the overnight festival so that ENIT will be legal and legitimate. They're working on getting permits from lots of other cities -- and aggressive young men don't like to take No for an answer. Since the festival is to start in the late afternoon and run until early the next morning, it's been hard to find venues. But an indoor show wouldn't have much pull for the extra terrestrial set. Same with a daytime show. Perry hopes that with an overnight, outdoor festival, people will lie back with friends, listen to beautiful music, and maybe even start to consider what's out there.ATN ALBUM OF THE MOMENT: MAZZY STAR'S AMONG MY SWANAddicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg reports: The new Mazzy Star album, titled Among My Swan, will be released on September 5th. The album, the duo's best yet, is a melancholy walk through an English country side rose garden -- or maybe a solitary stroll along a river up in Oregon somewhere. The touching "Flowers In December" features a charming harmonica solo by singer Hope Sandoval, who wrote all of the lyrics with the exception of those for "Rhymes Of An Hour," were was co-written by Sandoval and her partner in crime, guitarist/songwriter Dave Roback, who is responsible for all of the music on the album. Roback also produced the album, with a co-production credit going to Sandoval. This album is the kind you listen to late at night, when you're feeling as down as can be, and need some music fit your mood. Guitarist William Reid -- yeah, the brilliant noise-meister from The Jesus and Mary Chain, appears on a song called "Take Everything." Other songs on the album: "Disappear," "Cry, Cry," "Still Cold," "All Your Sisters," "I've Been Let Down," "Rose Blood," "Happy," "Umbilical" and "Look On Down From The Bridge." It's too bad that Garbage already wrote a song called "I'm Only Happy When It Rains," cause that one ought to be the theme song for Mazzy Star. While some of Sandoval's melodies make me think that she's listened to Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" about 2000 times, her voice and Roback's musical settings for it are strikingly unique. Simply gorgeous in a dark, femme fatale kind of way.OFF-THE-(ATN) WIRE: In an effort to both raise money while drawing attention to the pollution of the ocean, a group of artists have contributed their versions of '60s surf music songs to the benefit album MOM: Music for Our Mother Ocean. The album, released by Surfdog Records in conjunction with Interscope Records, contains 21 tracks, all of which are related in some fashion to the ocean. Songs include Pearl Jam's playful rendition of the Silly Surfers' "Gremmie Out Of Control" ,Everclear's original "Hateful," Pennywise ("Surfin' USA"), Reverend Horton Heat "I Can't Surf"), Silverchair ("Surfin' Bird"), Helmet ("Army of Me"), No Doubt ("Sailin' On"), and the lesser known Sprung Monkey, who contributed an original, "Good Times," that might be the first single... Mike Watt (ex-Minutemen, ex-fIREHOSE) says his recent gigs with Porno for Pyros have challenged him in a number of ways, from the Freemason ritual gown he wears some nights ("It's definitely not Levis and flannel!") to his role as a traditional bass player in the band. Watt says that assuming a traditional bass player role is hard for him. "But it's a good hardness. It's good for me, I'm learning patience."

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