MUSIC NEWS OF THE WORLD: Red Hot Chili Peppers In Studio

Chili Peppers Head For Studio In Sept.; No Break-up PlannedAddicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg reports: Despite rumors to the contrary that have been plaguing the Red Hot Chili Peppers for months now, the group is not breaking up. That's the official word from a Warner Bros. Records spokesperson speaking on behalf of the band on July 29. Not only aren't the Peppers breaking up, but they are about to start writing material for an album that they will begin recording in September. And, if you somehow make it to "The Molson Polar Ice Party" taking place over Labor Day weekend at the North Pole, you'll find the group performing there. Yeah, sure, but what about those quotes attributed to drummer Chad Smith? You know the ones we speak of that ran in the U.K. mag Vibe. Where Smith said: "It's not just an ugly rumor. The Chili Peppers are a great band and I'm very lucky to have been a part of it, but I think we should go out on a high note and not flog a dead horse. It's kind of a relief that the years of hell are finally over and I can get on with real life, instead of being a spoiled kid living in a bubble in a sea of retarded sexuality. The fun had gone and it was becoming more of a job." Ever heard of pulling the ol' leg? Yes, Mr. Smith did indeed have tongue firmly in cheek when, while touring Europe recently, he played along with the umpteenth journalist who informed him that the Chili Peppers were history. Again, they're not. Finally, we thought you'd want to know that Smith isn't joining the Smashing Pumpkins, according to the Warner Bros. Records spokesperson Todd Phillips. Smith will not, we repeat, will not be hitting the road with that group. The Pumpkins are expected to settle on a new drummer who goes by a name other than Chad Smith the end of the first week of August. "Chad may be friends with the group but he's not joining. Or performing with them," said Phillips. "He is firmly committed to being a Red Hot Chili Pepper. He told me he has no intention of leaving the Chili Peppers."Everclear Prepare To Record Pure White EvilEverclear, the awesome Portland-based rock band that has sold over a million copies of Sparkle and Fade, expect to begin recording their next album in November, following tours of the U. S. and Australia. Band leader Art Alexakis told ATN correspondent Brent Fusco (who runs the official Everclear web site) that the new album is tentatively titled Pure White Evil, and that it could include as many as 25 songs, but will not be a double CD. "I think double CDs are kind of pretentious," Alexakis told Fusco. The band leader said that depending on the format -- vinyl, cassette, CD -- there could be a different number of songs included. At this point, Alexakis thinks the album will include new versions of "Lame" and "Annabella's Song," as well as a reworked version of "Culver Palms (Or Why I Don't Believe In God)," which appeared on the album Deep In The Heart Of The Beast In The Sun, which Alexakis recorded with his pre-Everclear band, Colorfinger. (That album, by the way, is to be rereleased sometime next year.) Alexakis also said he produced the debut album from the all-female Kansas City-based Frog Pond and sings backup on one track; the Frog Pond album is expected out before the end of the year. Everclear is currently on the road headlining "The Summerland Tour," which finds them performing with Spacehog, Tracy Bonham and 7 Year Bitch.Trent Reznor Sharpens His KnifeAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: Far be it from gloommeister Trent Reznor to rest on his laurels as bands like Gravity Kills and Stabbing Westward re-work his riffs while the world waits for the next Nine Inch Nails record. No, Reznor has been quite busy in his bustling gothic manse in New Orleans. He's just finished co-production duties on Marilyn Manson's next CD, Anti-Christ Superstar, due in November, as well as scoring the latest video game from the makers of "Doom," entitled "Quake." Our sources tell us that Reznor will return to the studio in September to begin work on the follow-up to 1994's The Downward Spiral, with no concrete date set for its release. Although it hasn't been confirmed yet, somewhere in there Reznor is also penciled-in to work on a score for an upcoming big-budget Hollywood film, the name of which we could not wrestle from his tenacious handlers.Tom Waits To Make Rare AppearanceTom Waits, who has become something of a recluse in recent years, will make a rare appearance at another benefit to raise money to help pay for Don Hyde, a film-maker friend of Waits who incurred large legal bills fighting drug charges that have since been dropped. (This past February Waits headlined a benefit for Hyde.) On August 11, Waits will headline "Storming Heaven," which will take place at the Raven Theater in Healdsburg, CA. The concert will, in addition to Waits, feature Charlie Sexton, T-Bone Burnett, Sam Phillips, Tonio K and Alejandro Escovedo. The theater only holds 600 people. Tickets are expected to be about $100 per person. For more details, check out the Waits' web site: of the Week: The Explosive Return Of Social DistortionAddicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg reports: If anyone still needs proof that punk -- the raw, furious take-no-prisoners sound of rebellion -- is still alive and well, dig the upcoming Social Distortion album, White Light, White Heat, White Trash, due Sept. 17. The album cover is comprised of three photos: an angel stands behind the words "white light," a scantily clothed stripper signifies "white heat," and for "white trash," an ever-so-timely syringe being injected into a vein. From the blast of instrumental raw power that opens the album, leading into "Dear Lover," this album has the sound of greatness. The song titles: "Don't Drag Me Down," "Untitled," "I Was Wrong," "Through These Eyes," "Down On The World Again," "When The Angels Sing,' "Gotta Know The Rules," "Crown of Thorns," "Pleasure Seeker," "Down Here With The Rest Of Us" and "Dear Lover." The album was produced by Michael Beinhorn; the group's two previous efforts were produced by Dave Jerden. Social Distortion -- singer/guitarist Mike Ness, guitarist Dennis Danell, bassist John Maurer and drummer Chuck Biscuits (who worked with D.O.A., the Circle Jerks and others), who has replaced Randall Carr -- have been quietly playing warm-up club dates on the West Coast. The Green Day of '96? I wouldn't be surprised.Off-The-(ATN) Wire: The soundtrack to Jackie Chan's latest chop-socky fest, Supercop, which bears the euphemistic title, Music From and Inspired By Supercop contains a duet on a cover of Carl Douglas' #1 seventies nugget "Kung Fu Fighting," by none other than Tom Jones and Ruby's Leslie Rankine...Jake Fogelnest, former host of the hit talk show, Squirt TV made a surprise appearance at a comedy stand-up show at the Luna Lounge in New York's East Village on July 22. Seventeen year old Jake hosted Squirt TV from his bedroom first on a New York City public access station and then on MTV. The show was canceled in May...Sebadoh have checked in with a single featuring covers of three Residents' songs, "Art of Being Polite," "Moisture" and "Suburban Bathers." The single precedes the relese of a new Sebadoh album, titled "Harmacy" ...Alan McGee, head honcho of Creation Records in London, paid for an ad in London's NME to proclaim that the Sex Pistols were, and are still, the best band on the planet. McGee and Oasis' Noel Gallagher attended a gig at London's Shepherds Bush Empire to see the aging punkers. Gallagher told McGee that the Pistols were "better than us."...

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