MUSIC NEWS OF THE WORLD: New Counting Crows Record

COUNTING CROWS READY FOR TAKE-OFF -- BACK WITH THEIR SECOND ALBUM, RECOVERING THE SATELLITES.Addicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg reports: With a new album due out on October 1st, Addicted To Noise has learned that the Counting Crows are planning surprise warm-up gigs in both Northern and Southern California. The shows, which will be held at relatively intimate venues, could take place in the next two weeks, although nothing is set in stone. The group's second album, Recovering the Satellites, is complete, contains 14 new songs and lasts exactly one hour. "It sounds like the Counting Crows, only more so," said a source close to the band. "It builds on the first album. It's a little bigger and wider in scope," said our source. "There are fast songs but also some beautiful slow drawn-out ballads. It's a very rich album with a very wide range of material and subject matter. You can't simply characterize it as 'a rocker,' because it goes further in all directions." The album, produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Echo & the Bunnymen), includes these tracks: "Catapult," "Angels in the Silences," Daylight Fading," "I'm Not Sleeping," "Goodnight Elisabeth," "Children In Bloom," "Have You Seen Me Lately?" "Miller's Angels," "Another Horsedreamer's Blues," "Recovering the Satellites," "Monkey," "Mercury," "A Long December" and "Walkaways." The first song to be released to radio -- which should go on the air on Sept. 17 -- is "Angels in the Silences," an "up tempo, very dynamic, very fast-paced rock song" for which a video will be shot in the next few weeks. On Sept. 24, one week prior to the release of the CD, a gatefold two record set will be released.PUMPKINS SETTLE ON NEW DRUMMER!!Addicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg reports: The Smashing Pumpkins have a new drummer. After two and a half days of auditions, which took place in Chicago on August 5, 6 and 7, the Pumpkins have chosen drummer Matt Walker to replace Jimmy Chamberlin and hit the road with them for the remainder of their 1996-1997 world tour. Walker, former drummer with Filter, will be the "touring drummer," according to a statement released by the band; there is no word yet on whether he will play on future Pumpkins' recordings. The Pumpkins met Walker during the European leg of their tour earlier this year, when Filter was the opening act. Rehearsals in Chicago, which could last several weeks, are to begin immediately. As previously reported in Addicted To Noise, Frogs founding member Dennis Flemion will replace the late Jonathan Melvoin as touring keyboardist. (Melvoin died in a New York hotel room of a heroin overdose last month; Chamberlin, who did drugs with Melvoin and was in the hotel room when the keyboardist died, was fired by the Pumpkins a few days later.) In order to have time to get comfortable with both Walker and Flemion, the band has re-scheduled a number of previously announced shows that were to have taken place from Aug. 12 through Aug. 25 for December and January; their first performance with the new line-up will take place at The Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas on August 27th. A new Pumpkins' single will be released shortly. In related news, former Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, who allegedly shot up heroin along with Melvoin, and was in the room when Melvoin od'd, showed up at a New York courtroom on Tuesday Aug. 13 and pleaded innocent to a misdemeanor possession charge. He was released on his own recognizance, and is due back in court on Sept. 26th.CHRIS ISAAK'S BAJA SESSIONS NOT WHAT THEY SEEMThe upcoming Chris Isaak album, Baja Sessions, was not actually recorded South of the Border. Sure, Isaak and his band journeyed to Mexico a few months back where they shot enough video footage for a longform home video. And yes, the album is still titled Baja Sessions. And all the cover art photos -- and there are lots of them -- depict Isaak, or Isaak and his band, in Baja. But all the music was recorded in San Francisco at Coast Recorders. Sounds like a Chris Isaak in-joke to us. In any case, the album itself is a beautiful collection of old and new Isaak originals ("Pretty Girls Don't Cry," "Back On Your Side," "I Wonder," "Return To Me,") along with a few covers including a stunning "Only the Lonely" and the exotic "Sweet Leilani." The album was produced, as usual, by the great master of understatement, Erik Jacobsen.SPRINGSTEEN RETURNS TO AMERICAN STAGESAddicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg reports: Bruce Springsteen will begin a 33 city, 35 show solo tour of America on September 16 at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh, PA. This is the second American leg of the "Ghost of Tom Joad" tour; last winter Springsteen played 26 sold-out concerts in 20 North American cities. He then headed to Europe for a 35 show tour that took him to 13 countries and, in the process, sold over a million and a half copies of The Ghost of Tom Joad album overseas. During March, April and May of this year, Springsteen played some of the most intimate shows of his entire career in Europe. At one 1,700 capacity theater he actually turned off the microphone -- the place was that quiet -- and let the natural volume of his voice do its magic. We're told that the solo shows have become even more intense than those given in the U. S. last year. Springsteen will play two "special performances," according to a source close to the artist. The first is the Woody Guthrie Tribute concert, set to take place on Sept. 29 at Severance Hall in Cleveland; among the other artists performing at that show will be Ani DiFranco, Billy Bragg, and Arlo Guthrie. The Boss will also play a concert benefiting The John Steinbeck Research Center at San Jose University on Oct. 26. Excellent recordings were made of "many" of Springsteen's already-completed solo shows, although there are currently no plans to release them. Springsteen has not yet begun work on a new album; The Ghost of Tom Joad was released in November, 1995. We understand that Springsteen is completely focused on his live performances of the Tom Joad material, and won't start thinking about another album until the tour is completed in mid-December of this year.HUGE RAP TOUR FEATURING SNOOP DOGG & 2PAC PLANNEDAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: In what could be one of the biggest rap tours since the glory days of Hammer Time, Addicted To Noise learned on August 12 that 2Pac, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound will hit the road this October for a 25-city tour. According to a spokesperson, the tour, entitled "All Eyez on US," will be booked into 15,000-to-20,000 seat arenas. It's being promoted by the Daedalus Entertainment Finance Company, L.L.C. (Def Com), whose Chairman and CEO, Stephen M. Coleman said in a statement: "2Pac, Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound felt that we could handle three of the 'phattest' and largest rappers on stage...with the utmost respect and professionalism. They have put their trust in us." [A new Snoop Dogg album, The Doggfather, is due out in November.] By our count, this will mark the third time a Snoop Dogg tour has been announced, with the first two being scuttled by various court dates, legal hassles and other non-music related activities. No word yet on dates or venues, but you can be sure that the promoters are keeping a close eye on East Coast dates, specifically New York appearances, in light of the still-simmering East Coast-West Coast feud between Sean "Puffy" Combs' Bad Boy Entertainment (home of the Notorious B.I.G.) and Suge Knight's Death Row Records, home to 2Pac, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound. In the latest issue of VIBE, a chronology of events pinpoints the source of the beef to November 30, 1994, when 2Pac was ambushed and shot several times while entering Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan, an attack he insists was masterminded by B.I.G. and his posse. Comb's denies that he or any of his associates had anything to do with the shooting. "Why would I set a nigga up to get shot?" Combs told VIBE. "If I'm a set a nigga up, which I would never do, I ain't gonna be in the country. I'm a be in Bolivia somewhere." And B.I.G. told Vibe: "This shit's just got to be talk, that's all I kept sayin' to myself. I can't believe he [2Pac] would think I would shit on him like that."OFF-THE-(ATN) WIRE: Perry Farrell has grand ambitions for his ENIT fest, but the nitty-gritty reality of putting on an all-night event is setting in. ENIT representatives said on August 12 that two of the six tour dates have been canceled. The Wed., Aug. 14 show at the Meadow near Cleveland was canceled, as was a show that was to have taken place on August 23rd at the Calaveras County Fairgrounds (a couple of hours from San Francisco)...The new Weezer album is called Tinkerton and is due out on Sept. 24. The first single is "El Scorcho"; other songs include "Getchoo," "Across the Sea," "Pink Triangle" and "The Good Life." A source who has heard it says: "It's an artistic step forward, but it's more of that guitar power pop."...Oasis' new album, going under the working title Be Here Now, will be released next March. The first single from that record will be, "My Big Mouth," which you should be hearing on the radio come January... The mesmerizing new Mazzy Star album, titled Among My Swan, will not be released until October 29. The album was originally scheduled for a September 5th release.

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