Music News Of The World: Lollapalooza Snags More Stars

METALLICA REHEARSE FOR WORLD TOURAddicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg reports: At a Northern California rehearsal studio yesterday, Metallica were preparing for their upcoming world tour, which begins later this month. James Hetfield sat before a rack of guitar effects gear, fingering riffs from "Until It Sleeps"; Lars Ulrich was punching numbers into a cell phone; Jason Newsted was loosening up at his drum kit while guitarist Kirk Hammett puffed on a cigar. The guys clearly pleased with how the two outdoor mini-concerts they'd given in San Jose and Sacramento parking lots had gone. The Sacramento show almost didn't go off. Officials in the state's capitol had told the group's management that if more than 500 fans were going to attend the free concert, then it would have to be canceled. We're told that up until about a half hour before the band began to play, it was a no go. Somehow, Metallica convinced authorities that the potential disruption that would be caused by 3500 angry Metallica fans was worse than whatever might happen if they did play. In fact, there were no incidents at the six song performance, which began at about 9:20 PM next to the Watts Avenue Tower Records store. Earlier in the day, Metallica showed up at a San Jose parking lot and performed six songs to a rowdy but appreciative crowd. Fans began arriving around noon, and as it drew close to show time, they began amusing themselves by passing bodies around, throwing water and bottles at each other and the stage and, as one would expect from a classy Metallica crowd, loudly encouraging the young women sitting on their boyfriends' shoulders to bare their breasts. "It's good to see you crazy motherfuckers again," said singer/guitarist James Hetfield, 32, sporting his new short haircut . Intent on projecting an outlaw image, the band performed before an American flag, a pirate flag and a banner that said "Alcoholics: To Live Is To Drink. World Unconsciousness Tour." That lovely banner was covered with profanities, which were then covered with tape for the benefit of TV crews shooting footage for the evening news. The band, in fine form, bashed and crashed through four old songs ( "So What," "Creeping Death," "Whiplash" and "Sad But True") and two new ones ("2 X 4" and the new single, "Until it Sleeps.") off the just released Load. At one point Hetfield told the crowd that he'd be seeing them this summer at "The Loser Tour," his way of referring to Lollapalooza '96. Taking a break from rehearsing yesterday, singer/guitarist Hetfield, wearing a shirt that said "Metallica 96" on the back, stood outside the studio and laughed. "Someone said to me yesterday, 'Boy, you guys have really come a long way.' What was he talking about? From Ruthie's [a small club where the group got it's start] to a fucking parking lot!"YOUNG BACK TO BARROOMS AGAIN; VIDEO TAPE ROLLINGNeil Young has been playing another round of "secret" Northern California gigs. He was back in Santa Cruz at the Catalyst, following it up with a return to the Old Princeton Landing north of Half Moon Bay where he rocked through much of his soon-to-be-released album, Broken Arrow. Young has been rolling video tape at some of the gigs, and performed the new album's lead off track, "Big Time," twice for the benefit of the camera. Apparently the bar, which holds a little over 100 people, doesn't have enough juice for Young. A hole was cut through a read wall so that a cable could be run outside to a power generator which provided the extra electricity needed to fire up Young's amps and sound system. In Santa Cruz, wearing long, baggy clam digger's shorts, Young and Crazy Horse delivered raging versions of "Rockin' In the Free World" and "Like A Hurricane," along with lots of new stuff. At the Old Princeton, Young and company kicked off with "Cowgirl In The Sand" and, in addition to new material, rocked through "Cinnamon Girl," "Cortez the Killer," "Tonight's The Night," and "Prisoner of Rock & Roll." As our man on the scene, David Hyman was heard to shout, "Give me a life sentence."OASIS COMIN' BACK TO THE U.S.A.Oasis, who are currently on vacation, are set to return to the U.S. to begin a tour end of August. Their first show is expected to take place at a venue in the Chicago Area on August 27, and they are booked to play Jones Beach in New York on Sept. 7 & 8. Our source tells us that Noel Gallagher was written a slew of new material, and that recording could begin by November for an album that is likely to be released before the summer of '97. Meanwhile, the next single off (What's the Story?) Morning Glory is "Don't Look Back In Anger"; the new video should show up on MTV in a week or so.ROCK'S ANGRY WOMEN SPEAK THEIR MINDWhether you are male or female, you will likely find the just published Angry Women In Rock, Volume One both eye-opening and inspirational. The book, edited by Andrea Juno (who conducted the 14 in-depth interviews here), contains conversations with female rockers, record producers and indie label owners who really have something to say. The women interviewed include Chrissie Hynde, Joan Jett, Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna, former Dream Syndicate bassist/sometime singer Kendra Smith, ex-Fanny member June Millington, members of Tribe 8 and Thrill Jockey Records founder/owner Bettina Richards. Probably the most controversial interview is with members of Tribe 8. About the rubber dildo Lynn Breedlove wears (and cuts off) during the group's performances: "My cunt just gets to dripping if my girl's sucking my big rubber thing. I know I don't have any nerve endings in it, but to see that -- all the images that have become part of my sexual psyche are triggered by seeing that image happening." Less sensational but equally revelatory are Bettina Richards comments about the sense of empowerment she has gotten through running her very cool indie label -- Tortoise and The Sea and the Cake are just two of the important bands on Thrill Jockey -- completely on her own terms. "Everyone I work with I choose to work with," says Richards. "I have the power of decision to use a certain manufacturer or distributor or put out a record or not. I'm doing what I'm doing because I didn't like the system [mainstream record business] that I saw."ALBUM OF THE WEEK: NEIL YOUNG'S BROKEN ARROWNeil Young's next album, Broken Arrow, will be released July 2. The album was produced by Young, and features his longtime cohorts, Crazy Horse ("Poncho" Stampedro, Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina). After having lived with the album for quite some time, we can tell you that it is truly an exquisite work. The opener, "Big Time," displays some of Young's most inspired guitar work. The song finds Young holding out hope. "Gonna leave the pain behind/ Gonna leave the fools in line," he sings. "Gonna take the magic potion/ Gettin' in an old black car/ Gonna take a ride so far/ To the land of suntan lotion..." Then on to the inspirational chorus: "I'm still livin' the dream we had/ For me it's not over/ I'm still living the dream we had/ For me it's not over. " This album sounds completely out of time. Or, perhaps we should say that it sounds timeless. With not a single nod to contemporary trends, Young continues to follow his muse. No bullshit here; Young, as usual, gets to the heart of the matter by the end of the first song. "Tallkin' about you and me/ Talkin' 'bout eternity," he sings. "Talkin' 'bout the Big Time." Dream on that.OFF-THE-(ATN) WIRE: On June 17 the New York-based Razor & Tie label will release Birth of a Star, a collection of 17 previously unreleased Patsy Cline songs... As we previously reported, Brian Eno is not producing U2's upcoming rock 'n' roll album. The one-time Roxy Music member and creator of ambient music says he just needed a break... Melissa Etheridge auditioned for the roll of Janis Joplin in an upcoming film June 2 before a small crowd at Maritime Hall in San Francisco, according to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle... The second album from Satchel, produced by Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, will be out in early August. The Satchel album will be called The Family and it features Gossard playing on at least one track.

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