Michigan Militia Calls for National 'Provisional Government'

The founders of the Michigan Militia have issued a national appeal for the creation of a "provisional government" made up of militia members and sympathizers from across the United States.Thus far, militia members from 19 states have agreed to meet at an undisclosed location "centrally located in the continental United States" in October.Fearful of the threat of "martial law" and government crackdowns related to anti-terrorism legislation, Ray Southwell and Norman Olson of the Northern Michigan Regional Militia hatched the plan for a Third Continental Congress as a rallying point for the Patriot Movement.Southwell and Olson issued the call for their Continental Congress in mid-June via the Internet and Fax. Thus far, they say the response has been "somewhat overwhelming."What follows is the complete text of a letter from Captain Southwell, information officer for the NMRM, which was distributed via email to militia members across the country:"To All Patriots -- Subject: Third Continental CongressIt has been six weeks since announcing the need for the re-establishment of the Third Continental Congress. The response has been somewhat overwhelming. We must never forget this congress is of the people. I cannot set an agenda -- only the delegates can. The patriot citizens in our communities must see the need for unity to save the nation. In 1774 they saw the need and rose up unified to form this republic.Some of you say we do not have enough time to form this congress, others say this action will bring on martial law. I say that the corrupt defacto government needs very little excuse to bring on martial law, an airplane explosion or a pipe bomb at the Olympics.We must set a date and move forward! Only God knows if we have enough time. God truly is the only one who can stop the corruption. It is however, our responsibility as citizens of this republic to make an attempt to stop the evil. When martial law comes, we must have a provisional Government established and one to turn to, or it will be too late. We can no longer be fearful of what will happen to us. Instead, we should be fearful of what kind of Government we are leaving for those future generations. It is our duty to save this nation for the future generations!To understand what the 3rd Continental Congress can do you must look to the past for direction. I urge everyone to research the 1st and 2nd Congress. See the parallels for yourselves and then consider the options available if we do not meet to form a provisional government.People of the Republic, this is a watershed point in our time. The patriots marked the trail back in the 1770's. It is clear enough to follow, if we have the resolve.What the 3rd Continental Congress is NOT: 1 ) IT IS NOT A Political Action Committee! 2) IT IS NOT A Political Party! 3) IT IS NOT A Constitutional Convention!The Continental Congress will not, was not and never will be recognized by a corrupt Government. It gets its power from the people. The people do not want a new Constitution. They want the old one restored. 4) IT IS NOT A Non-Profit or For-Profit.What the 3rd Continental Congress IS: 1 ) IT IS A legislative body of the people 2) IT IS A lawful Arm of Government 3) IT IS A Unifying body of the people against corruption and Tyranny. 4) IT IS A reflection of the first two continental congresses.I continue to look for leadership in all 50 states. If you have the vision as I do, please call. We will meet in the middle or end of October. The meeting place will be centrally located in the continental United States. In September, the delegates will determine the agenda in those areas we can agree on."These are the current states that plan to have delegates meet in October, AR, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, ME, MI, MS, MT, NC, NM., OR, SC, and TN. We need more. Please contact the undersigned if you are interested in being a state delegate."Captain Ray Southwell Northern Michigan Regional MilitiaWhere will the "Third Continental Congress" and its revolutionary "provisional government" lead? A good question for militia-watcher. As with other militia activities, the proposed Congress could be nothing more than a mediocre fizzle. Then again, it could result in a more cohesive national revolutionary movement for the Patriot Movement.

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