Life Through Dichromatic Lenses

We live in a period that will undergo the fastest technological change ever experienced in recorded history. A period in which society has increasingly distanced itself from the natural world, while the wisdom of our tribal ancestors is just beginning to be recognized. A dichotomy of extremes.Our visits to the "outer spaces" is escalating while archaeologists uncover the existence of a matriarchal society of warriors in Brazil. The American Medical Association teamed with the pharmaceutical industry is religiously breeding the belief that "chemical warfare" is the path to wellness while record numbers of people profess the ability to heal themselves. Multinational corporations are pressing for globalization of food production, ownership of genetic seed banks and natural resources while starvation, desertification and deforestation proliferate.Can the advancement of technology paired with the unification of the global economy allow for individual justice and empowerment, creativity, freedom, and the preservation of the natural world for future generations?The technology exists to feed, clothe and house every individual on the planet, while preserving its natural beauty. Knowledge of resource reduction, renewable energy and food production has exceeded expectations. From this vantage point in time we are confronted with an extraordinary opportunity to move forward, with all 5.7 billion passengers, into a future that can meet the needs of a democratic world. After all, isn't the universal basic need survival? Hasn't it always been survival?Unfortunately, in this world of technicians -- the analysts, the behaviorist, the empiricist -- there is little interest in "interior truthfulness" as in moral and ethical judgement, internal awareness or what the indigenous peoples call 'sight'. Whatever the definition, science is unable to best serve mankind without 'it'. The question is "Will we pull this intuitive wisdom of our forefathers from our 'back pocket', embrace it, and use it as our instrument panel to guide scientific advancement?"To progress loaded with technological wizardry, without being grounded in the ancient wisdom of the land, would be like launching the spaceshuttle from a life raft. As Herbert Read once wrote, "Only a people serving an apprenticeship to nature can be trusted with machines [technology.] Only such people will so contrive and control those machines that their products are an enhancement of biological needs and not a denial of them."Don't expect the "powers that be" to initiate this concept; it does not create immediate cash returns for the stockholders. The "tides" will change when we choose to govern our own worlds, embrace this inherent wisdom and live accordingly. " ... as the people lead, the leaders will follow;" leaders that are dichotomously Buck Rogers and Chief Seattle.


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