Hot Flashes: Sex Calories

SEX may be great, but, unfortunately, it's a lousy calorie-burner, so says exercise physiologist Jeff Zwiefel of the National Exercise for Life Institute in Minneapolis. Zwiefel recently offers some numbers which suggests that, if calorie-cooking becomes an obsession, you're in for a long, strange trip. For example, a man who puts on a condom while erect burns a measly three calories -- but pulling and tugging to get one on while flaccid uses up a whopping 83. But the really sad news is that bowling burns up nearly twice as many calories in an hour (210) as "decent sex" (130) -- even a "30-minute romantic stroll", for God's sake, equals an hour's worth of sex on the calories-out meter. Perhaps most disappointing of all, however, is the calorie-consumption generated by an orgasm: 40. Still, it's a snap to increase climax-calorie cooking by 25-percent. Just throw in a hard laugh (10 calories) at the onset.RADON phobics might find solace in some University of Kansas Medical School research reported this spring in Health Physics. The Jayhawks studied women in 20 Iowa counties to examine the link between residential radon and lung cancer rates. What they found was weird: although 71-percent of Iowa homes exceed EPA radon guidelines, the percentage of Iowa women developing lung cancer falls below that in most other states. Now, among women living in counties with the highest percentage of smokers, those living in high radon areas were 23-percent more likely to have lung cancer than low-radon area residents -- all of which suggests to researcher John Neuberger that "radon and smoking may synergistically increase the risk of lung cancer when both levels are high." But what about the radon itself as a carcinogen? Although Neuberger's team did not measure all factors affecting lung cancer, such as diet and urbanization, he nonetheless argues that "there is surprisingly little objective evidence" to support the current radon frenzy."THE PILL" for guys may be imminent. Researchers at Cornell University seem to have accidentally stumbled onto an oral contraceptive for men -- the prescription drug, nifedipine. As reported in Science, the Big Red researchers noticed that several men being treated for infertility were all popping nifedipine, which is used to treat blood pressure abnormalities. Although more research is required, sac slicing-aversive males might want to postpone that vasectomy -- "come on, honey, let's just see where this leads first" -- for a while. ROTTEN. Or well on the way. You can tell the second you peel back the wrapper on that package of lunch meat you just bought at the market and take a whiff. Peeee-uuuuu! Well, angry return trips to the store, fouled food in hand, may shortly become merely a memory thanks to an electronic nose, developed at the University of Washington. According to the University's Office of News and Information, this artificial honker is sensitive enough to detect a single odor-producing molecule among a million other molecules in an air sample -- which may help the food-processing industry detect odors associated with food spoilage before the bologna or olive loaf gets to the packaging stage. YOUR BLADDER is loaded. But you can't squeeze out a drop. Never happens at home -- Goddamnit! -- just at the theater or the mall or the office. For the 10-percent of American men who suffer the physical and psychological torments of the "bashful bladder" syndrome that causes them to freeze up in public toilets, the University of Michigan has developed a successful "desensitization" program. First seek out isolated public johns, then, when free flow is achieved, work your way up to increasingly crowded communal cans. Six to 10 "sessions" usually does it, researchers report.

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