HIGHTOWER: Why People Don't Vote

It's our "Headline of the Week" from The New York Times; "Report Says Public's Anxiety Over Layoffs Has Been Exaggerated.""Exaggerated."Who issued this newsworthy report? The CED -- Committee for Economic Development. And who, pray tell, is the CED? Why it's a research front funded by AT&T, Texaco, BankAmerica and some 250 other major corporations. That's right, the very corporations whose executives are drop-kicking millions of American workers through the goal posts of greed, while they run to the bank with record profits and embarrassingly high pay-packages for themselves.You've got to appreciate the raw chutzpah of these guys: first, they ship our good-paying, high skilled jobs to every Third World hellhole where they can pay 50 cents-an-hour -- or less -- to workers, then they use these Third World wage levels as an excuse to knock down middle class income here at home and, finally, they issue this report accusing us of "hysteria," and irrational "hand-wringing" about America's job future.What this report is, is a preemptive strike designed to prevent any political discussion in this fall's elections about the class warfare that America's privileged elite are waging against America's working families. And now get this -- the Bill Clinton Democrats are the ones allied with the corporate bosses, claiming that you working folks are really better-off than you think you are. The CED is even calling on Bob Dole not to challenge Clinton on this issue of middle class job anxiety and corporate greed. Let sleeping dogs lie is their motto.Here we go again: another national election where both parties conspire with Wall Street to avoid the biggest issue affecting Our Streets. And they wonder why people don't vote!

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