HIGHTOWER: War is Hell ... And Profitable

Here's a multiple choice question for you. Since World War II, the United States government has bombed some 20 countries, including Afghanistan, China, Guatemala, Cuba, Vietnam, Congo, Korea, Nicaragua, Iraq, Peru, and Grenada. Question: How many times did our bombing result in a democratic government respectful of human rights? (A) None; (B) Zero; (C) Get real; (D) All of the above.Bingo, if you chose (D)!Of late, though, we've been trying the same old strategy of bomb-'em-til-they-act-right in Yugoslavia. So, what are the odds that Milosevic and gang will act right just because we've unloaded a hellacious tonnage of smart bombs, cruise missiles, and other weaponry on that small country? I'd say slim to none ... and Slim just left town.So what has the NATO bombardment of the Serbs been about? "Humanitarianism," we're told -- gotta punish the bully Milosevic for his God-awful annihilation of the ethnic-Albanians. Good! A moral stand. But what about the other barbarians -- like the Butchers of Beijing? The bloody rulers of China are Milosevic on steroids -- yet instead of bombing them, our government is trying to give them membership in the World Trade Organization.Whatever the reason for our all-out assault on the Serbians, there is one clear winner: War Profiteers. Raytheon (maker of the Tomahawk, the Mavericks, and other missiles) has seen its stock prices shoot up by 30 percent since the attacks began; Texas Instruments (maker of smart bombs like the HARMs) has had a 17 percent stock price increase; Textron (maker of CBU-97 sensor bombs) has enjoyed a 24 percent jump; and Boeing (maker of the B-1 and B-52 bombers, the Apache helicopters, and the cruise missiles) has had a 26 percent increase.This is Jim Hightower saying ... War might be hell ... but it sure pays off for the arms makers.


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