HIGHTOWER: Star Wars Junior

Former U.S. President John Adams said: "One useless man is a disgrace, two are called a law firm and three or more become a congress."Oh, if Adams could only see today's Congress!Led by Senate majority leader Bob Dole and Loudspeaker of the House Newt Gingrich, this useless bunch is trying to ram through a boondoggle military project that would waste untold billions of tax dollars. The project? STAR WARS.That's right -- the missile-defense fantasy that Ronald Reagan tried to pawn-off on us in the eighties. His fantasy was to create an "umbrella" of armed space satellites over America that could shoot-down any Soviet missiles fired at us. It was a silly scam, which is why even Reagan couldn'tconvince either the Congress or the public to spend billions on it. But at least the Soviet Union existed then, which it no longer does.Dole and Gingrich, though, are not deterred by the absence of any real threat -- they intend to try to scare the public into believing that we have to build this thing A.S.A.P., lest Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein or some other Big Bad Bogeyman rains missiles on us.Who is behind this porkbarrel project? A lobbying outfit that calls itself the "Coalition to Defend America." And who, exactly, is this "coalition"? Why it's the huge aerospace corporations that would profit by getting the multibillion-dollar contracts that Star Wars Junior would dole out. Bigsurprise, huh?This won't surprise you either: The members of Congress who are leading the charge to shove this corporate welfare program down our throats have already taken more than $700,000 in bribes -- uh, I mean, in "campaign contributions" -- from these same aerospace corporations.This is Jim Hightower saying, to shoot-down "Star Wars Junior," contact Center for Defense Information on 202/862-0700.

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