HIGHTOWER: Say "No" to MFN for China

The military dictatorship that rules China is a repressive, democracy-crushing, bloodthirsty, murderous bunch of thugs. Other than that, they're probably OK.They literally have their people in chains, yet Wall Street and Washington keep forging special financial links that also chain our country's moral values and our economic future to China's ruling thugs.It's bad enough that General Motors, Boeing, Nike and other global greedheads are moving their investment dollars to China, where they can get dirt-cheap labor and even prison labor to make their products, but now comes news that YOU might be financing some of the worst elements in the Chinese regime.Peter Schweizer writes in USA Today that several Chinese banks have sold more than $6 billion in bonds to US investors in recent years. Unwittingly, through your pension or mutual fund, your money could be invested in these Chinese bank bonds, which in turn are used to finance the industries owned by the Chinese army, notorious for its use of slave labor.How can these bloody bonds be sold in our country? Easily -- the Treasury Department does not restrict Wall Street from peddling foreign bonds, even if they compromise our national security. Indeed, such pillars of the Wall Street Establishment as Goldman Sachs have been the managers of these Chinese bond deals, pocketing millions in fees. Remember that Robert Rubin, now the Treasury Secretary, previously was the managing partner at Goldman Sachs.Rubin also happens to be the chief cheerleader in the Clinton cabinet pushing for congressional approval of MFN -- "Most Favored Nation" trading status -- to China. MFN would allow bloodstained products made there to enter our country with little or no tariffs.Let's "break the chains" binding America to these thugs. To say "no" to MFN for China, call 1-900-860-4826.For more information:UBN 1-900-860-4826Source:"You, too, may be funding China's army" by Peter Schweizer. USA Today: May 14, 1997.

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