HIGHTOWER: Pension Rights

Oh, you people. You're messing-up again. Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk -- and ThePowersThatBe are just very, very upset with you.It seems that most of the 90 million of us in the private workforce are inadequately prepared for retirement and . . . well, what are you going to do about it?"Earth to ThePowersThatBe, Earth to ThePowersThatBe..."Where the Hell have they been? Of course we're not prepared for our "Golden Years." In the past decade, corporations have cut in HALF the money they owe to our pensions. And hundreds of corporate chieftains have openly looted our pension funds, including raids by such giants as Merrill Lynch, Goodyear and Exxon.Retirement? While top executives are sitting pretty with pensions that'll pay them $60,000-to-$100,000 a month, they're coldly whacking everybody else, from factory workers to middle managers, reducing your jobs to temporary, part-time work with no benefits, no pensions, no future.Company pensions are being replaced with "do-it-yourself" pensions, like the 401(k)'s, which offer a tax deduction for the money you set-aside in them for retirement. But check it out: the median amount folks have in a 401(k) is only $5,000. Happy retirement! After all, in today's economy, with the majority of us barely stretching from paycheck to paycheck, who can set-aside? It's like giving a home-ownership tax break to the homeless -- thanks for nothing!Meanwhile, our members of Congress (who are fully protected, by the way, with platinum pensions, courtesy of us taxpayers) are chopping at both our Social Security and Medicare. The very people chiding we are the one's who're creating America's retirement crisis.To fight back -- to keep them from turning your "Golden Years" to "Fool's Gold" -- contact the Pension Rights Center: 202-296-3776.

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