HIGHTOWER: Expert Lies

A recent New York Times headine blared some comforting news . . . comforting to the pesticide industry, that is. It read: "Chemicals on Food? A Panel of Experts Finds Little Danger."Before you stop shopping for organic food you might want to take a deeper look into the issue than either The New York Times or these experts did.You'll find that this particular panel of scientists looked only at studies involving the cancer-causing impacts of one chemical at a time, rather than considering the real-life situation in which our families are exposed to a toxic stew of hundreds of synthetic chemicals in our dinner. It's this mix that is so deadly, and we consume it tiny bit by tiny bit, day after day. Also, the so-called experts looked only at adult exposure, failing to consider that our babies and children are far more vulnerable to these poisons in their diet. Nor did they acknowledge that thousands of the pesticides have not even been tested for their long-term health impacts, and that government testing methods do not even identify more than half of the chemical residues found on our food.Why such sloppy work? One reason is that the panel was as contaminated with chemicals as our food supply. Three of its members had direct ties to such industry front-groups as the Sound Science Coalition and the Food Safety Council -- their names might seem innocent, but these groups are financed by the very companies profiteering from putting more chemicals in our food. Likewise, people who presented "evidence" to the panel hailed from Monsanto and other industry groups. And if this isn't enough to taint the process, there is the added fact that the panel's study was substantially funded by Nabisco Foods and the American Industrial Health Council.Remember the old adage: "He who pays the piper calls the tune." Remember, even when The New York Times claims that poisons are safe . . . always read between the lies.Source:"How many deaths for a dollar?" NAS reports on pesticides: Spring 1996.

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