HIGHTOWER: Bill Bradley: Corporate Republican

Wow, we've really got a treasure-trove of presidential choices for 2000, don't we? From Gore and Bradley on the Democratic side to Bush, Dole, McCain, Forbes, and even Danbo Quayle on the Republican side.So -- which one out of this flock is going to challenge the globaloney of trade scams that are stealing middle class jobs from America and exploiting impoverished workers in developing nations? Which one has a plan to restore prosperity to the family farm? Which one will finally say "no" to the flow of corporate money that's totally corrupting our government? Which one will stand up to Wall Street in support of your street? Right. On the core issues affecting us, they're all Wall Street birds of a feather.Take Bill Bradley, the former New Jersey senator and basketball player, who is hailed as the alternative to Al Gore. Not only is he duller than a cud-chewing cow, but he's more corporate than Al. So far, he's raised more cash from Wall Street than has either Gore or the Republican front-runner, "Shrub" Bush. A political analyst for investors says that Bradley [quote] "is a Wall Street kind of Democrat. He's not a wide-eyed liberal. He's prudent . . . the kind of guy corporate executives feel comfortable around." Oh, great, just what we need.Among his big givers are J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Soloman Smith Barney, and Goldman Sachs. Bradley also leads in contributions from individuals who identify their occupations as "investor," "stockbroker," or "trader." Why? As his media aide says, "his views on trade and the economy are well known and well regarded by those on Wall Street."One Wall Street Bradleyite who recently had a fund raiser for him with several CEOs said, "I was a Republican until last week. The roster of people I recruited to the dinner were certainly people I associate with conservative thinking."This is Jim Hightower saying . . . How special! A Democrat who is loved by corporate Republicans. How about one who is loved by Democrats?Sources: "Wall Street picks Bradley in White House Race" by Thomas Ferraro. Yahoo News: May 4, 1999. "Why give to both Gore and Bradley? To Please friends" by Phil Kuntz. Wall Street Journal: April 27, 1999. "Bradley makes fund-raising inroads among rich" by Glenn Simpson and Ann Grimes. Wall Street Journal: April 22, 1999.


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