HIGHTOWER: A Toxic Mix Of Science And Government

I know scientists are considered quick-minded, but I swear, sometimes they seem so slow it must take them an hour-and-a-half to watch 60 Minutes.Scientists studying pesticides at Tulane University have finally discovered what anyone with an IQ above room temperature figured out long ago: If you are exposed to a small dose of a single toxic chemical, the impact on you might be minimal; but if you are exposed to small doses of a mix of toxics, the impact might be maximal -- as in cancer, birth defects and death.The Tulane team studied such pesticides and industrial chemicals as endosulfan, toxaphene and chlordane. The chemical industry always responds to any criticism of these toxics by saying, "Hey, a little chlordane can't hurt you -- besides, it's been okayed by EPA."But the Tulane study found that when you mix chlordane, toxaphene and any of the others together -- whoa! -- the toxic power of the mix is up to 1,000 TIMES GREATER than the individual chemicals. In other words, when dealing with chemicals, one plus one doesn't equal two, it equals a thousand.The head of EPA's pesticide office said: "These findings are astonishing." Hello. Where has she been? Anyone who has made soup knows that it's not each ingredient that's important, but the blend.What's really astonishing is that EPA has never tested chemicals in combination, only separately. This is astonishing because, of course, out here in the real world we are not exposed to one chemical at a time, but to a deadly stew of thousands of poisons in our air, our water and our food. Since World War II, more than 70,000 chemicals have been released by industry into our world, yet there has been no assessment of what this mix is doing to us.You don't have to be in Who's Who to know What's What: Science, Industry and Government are slowly killing us with their lack of commonsense.

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