HIGHTOWER: A Surprise in Your Dinner: "Transgenics"

"What's for dinner?" is no longer the relevant question. "What's in dinner?" is a much more important question.In addition to old-fashioned, cyclospora and salmonella, there are virulent, new, mutant bacteria like E.Coli 0157:H7, not to mention the unknown and untreatable prions that cause Mad Cow Disease.As if this is not plenty to have on our plates, along come the corporate food technologists to add some nasty surprises to our daily rations. These engineers are taking the DNA from one organism and inserting it into another. The result are altered organisms that these Dr. Frankensteins call "Transgenics."Transgenics are already in the supermarkets. Among the genetically engineered food you might be serving to your family tonight are tomatoes, corn, salmon, potatoes, cheese products and soy products.I say "might be serving" because there's no way for you to know. Our government "watchdogs" have allowed Monsanto and other corporate manipulators to mess with the DNA of dinner without bothering to tell us. The altered products do not even have to be labelled!Does it matter? Is a pig's butt pork? If you have a serious food allergy, eating the tampered bag of Fritos could kill you. The FDA says transgenics are safe, but -- get this -- there have been NO HUMAN TESTS! These corporate technologists are making foods never before eaten by humans -- we are their guinea pigs!Even your baby might be part of their genetic experiments. The New York Times commissioned a test of soy-based baby formulas and found that Alsoy, Similac, Neocare, Isomil and Enfamil all contained genetically-altered soy ingredients -- which are going right into your babies.This is Jim Hightower saying ... If you think it's time to require all transgenics to be clearly labelled call Mothers For Natural Law on 515-472-2809.For more information: Mothers for Natural Law: 515-472-2809Source:"Eating Well" by Marian Burros. New York Times: May 21, 1997.

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