DURST: You Can't Make This Up!

And now it's time for the August (okay, I'm a little late) episode of: YOU CAN'T MAKE STUFF UP LIKE THIS!* I'm not saying there's a connection, but Al Gore was born exactly 8months and 27 days after a bunch of dummies fell out of weather balloon in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. You figure it out. * Two Berkeley students were arrested for defrauding classmates outof $340 million. I guess they were charged with impersonating the Admissions Office.* Do you think Jesse Helms is still holding a grudge against thestate of Massachusets for being a free state during the Civil War? * The Cosmonauts are busy studying schematics for Mir's repair. Let'ssee, how's it go? Green Lego attaches to the red Lego. I'm pretty sure, Mir is Russian for Yugo.* Amtrak is studying a proposal to allow gambling on it's routes.Don't know what they're going to call it, but I bet Off Track Betting isn't leading the list.* Recently New York City hosted a computer hackers convention. Wonderif all the pre registrations were marked paid? * The most formidable line in the NFL: women's rest room, Green Bay.* They opened an S & M restaurant in New York. I don't get it. Ifdiners want to be tortured, why not just go to Denny's? Will Durst tortures himself with a vacation, starting today. He will see you in a week.

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