DURST: You Can't Make Stuff Up Like This -- Serbian Edition

* I think the United States should be able to convince Slobodan Milosevic that a "Land For Peace" deal is in his best interest. After all, look how well it worked out for the Sioux.* The most depressing part of the Serbian bombing for Americans is getting replacement parts for used Yugos. Owners must be thanking god the best technology available was put into its design making repairs almost unnecessary.* When you see news footage of Clinton golfing, you wonder if he thinks this whole Serbian thing is just one gigantic game of "Risk" and we're rolling double sixes, or a really well co ordinated 19 nation drive by shooting.* Yeltsin has promised the Serbs Russian humanitarian aid. And guess where he's getting the humanitarian aid to send them. From the US. The more I say "you can't make stuff up like this", the more I believe it.* NATO Commander General Wesley Clark asked the Pentagon for 300 more planes to make possible a rapid expansion of the attacks. Our best hope for frightening Milosevic is if we send planes commandeered directly from Continental Airlines.* In response to questions about what will be done about Kosovo in the future, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said, "there are a number of ideas out there, but none of those have been settled upon." Which in political speak means, "we'll bomb that bridge when we come to it."Will Durst likes to portage around bridges.


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