DURST: Strike Sadness

It's sadder than a politician without a mirror. Because of the NBA strike/ lockout/ gang pout, small children in $150 shoes are being exposed to the grisly image of professional basketball players penniless and standing in line for soup kitchens. Even the most heartless of us, ie; Trent Lott, has to go all weepy at the sight of these highly tuned athletes on urban street corners holding hand made signs: "Will Set A Pick For Food." With an average salary of $2.6 million, the grown men in brightly colored short pants are losing more than $30,000 a game. Of course Michael Jordan has the most to lose considering his $33 million salary, so I imagine the mood in his private jet is one of major moping and basic brooding while he's forced to portion out this week's ration of food stamps to his retinue of hangers on. And the owners. Who among us doesn't feel a twinge of poignant anguish as they continue to be denied the simple joy of adding height to the top of their pile of money? Of course the big losers again are the fans as we no longer are allowed to fork over obscene amounts of money to pay these people's salaries. Oh lord, please end this ugly trial soon. Okay, not too soon. Will Durst hopes it's just in time for the playoffs.


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