DURST: Slobvertising

The Carl's Jr's. fast food chain has a new slogan promoting how messy its hamburgers are, which I hope is a pitch at how much you get for your money. A value scam instead of a slob scam. "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face." Now, I know the art of advertising is mostly hyperbole and exaggeration, but this phrase has a logic glitch the size of one of Jupiter's moons. I can think of many things that get all over the place that don't belong in my face, but that's not quite the contention, is it? Rather, they are proposing that unless it DOES get all over the place, then you have no business ingesting it. Can that be true? So that would mean carrots are bad and cheese fondue eaten with your fingers is good. They have another commercial featuring a guy who pretends to tell some other guy's fortune by reading the glop falling out of the burger like tea leaves and he ends up eating the whole thing predicting the poor sap is destined to be hungry. The message I get from this ad is total jerks and saps favor Carl's Jr's. I'm sure the advertising agencies have done extensive studies and can provide data proving total jerks have more disposable income and can afford buying container cars full of messy hamburgers, and that's why they are being targeted. Same strategy Trent Lott seems to favor.


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