DURST: Losing Respect? Who Cares?

I think the reason people are making weenie noises over the graphic nature of Ken Starr's Report like a possum being dangled from the tail by a Grizzly is that the Independent Counsel killed everybody else's shot at a book deal. He pre-empted them. And besides, the Starr Man obviously gets off on this stuff. Cigar, indeed. He's going to spend the rest of his life in Afghanistan giving the Taliban prude lessons.One of the big arguments for impeachment or censure or public flogging or big hunks of red hot liquid steel poured down underwear is America will lose the respect of other world leaders. I just want to know one itty bitty thing. What other world leaders? Name two. It's not like the Earth is brimming over with multiple great leaders.I'm sorry folks, but Bill, battered and bloody as he may be, is it. Yeltsin? Yeah, right; like he's paying attention to anything besides who's buying the next round, and is someone he can trust behind the wheel of the Zugli for a quick getaway?The Japanese? Exactly who is their prime minister this week and how many have they had since Clinton took over? 40? Does anybody in the State Department know or care?The Pope? If he knows what's good for him, he'd better respect Clinton, since Bill puts the moves on anything in a dress.Will Durst doesn't wear a dress. Anymore.


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