"Cut!!" On The Set With John Bobbitt

John Wayne Bobbitt is sprawled across a bed, face pressed into mattress and ass stuck obscenely into the air. His hands locked into a waist harness, Bobbitt can't move, even as porn diva Kym Wilde's long black whip, its crisp smack into his flesh forcing even the cameraman to wince, raises cotton candy-colored welts across Bobbitt's back. Suddenly, Wilde jerks Bobbitt off the bed. "Are you a wimp, John? Huh? Are you a wimp!?" she taunts, thrusting her latex-wrapped crotch in his face. "Little farmer boy, do you think you could have this at home!?" Wilde then forces him to kneel before her, holds the whip handle to her groin and commands, "Suck it!" Bobbitt jerks his head back, glares at the camera and says, "Cut! I'm not gonna do that! Cut!!" For the guy who suffered every man's nightmare when his then-wife Lorena hacked his penis off with a butcher knife, this may not be exactly what he had in mind when he jumped into the adult-film industry. But Bobbitt, with his re-stitched and recently lipo-enhanced penis, is a novelty item even in the flaky world of porn. He has to take work where he can find it.He found it recently at the historic Robincroft castle in Pasadena, where RedBoard Video, a production company specializing in fetish material, was shooting Kym Wilde's On the Edge #33 and #37. They're Bobbitt's third and fourth adult videos, following his debut film, John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut (said to be the best-selling adult video of the past decade, if not of all time), and the more recent Frankenpenis. Kym Wilde's On the Edge #33 is his first foray into professional S&M. "It's always going to have to be something different with Bobbitt," says porn icon and co-star Ron Jeremy during the break. Though he helped steer Bobbitt into skin flicks, Jeremy admits that the neophyte's novelty mileage is just about up. Each of Bobbitt's videos has been a progression of sorts. Uncut established that he had a functional appendage; Frankenpenis broke new ground by including footage of Bobbitt's augmentation surgery before getting into the explicit sex. Penis surgery may not be what most guys want to see in a rental porno, but this is John Wayne Bobbitt, the Gorilla Girl of the porno circus, and what this particular audience wants is spectacle, not sex. So it's a logical step for Bobbitt to jettison the fucking and go straight to S&M. "After this, there's not much left for John to do," says Jeremy, "except gay."For now, Bobbitt is still the biggest freak under the big tent. Puck, a former cast member from MTV's The Real World, is hanging out with the actresses, and a documentary crew from HBO is shooting footage on the set, where filming has resumed with Bobbitt getting worked over by a hard-looking and harder-hitting blond dominatrix. After her first sharp slap across his face, he looks scared. After she grabs him by the hair and bangs his skull into the headboard, he looks as if he's been hit by a car. "The only way you can please me," she yells, "is to tell me it feels good!" As she tightens a chain around his neck, Bobbitt panics, yanks it off his head -- painfully -- and bolts from the room, shouting for his manager. "I could see it in his eyes, he couldn't take it," says the dominatrix, who seems depressed. "He was going to break." "The guy's a fucking nut," says director Duck Dumont, who then heads out into the hall to console Bobbitt, huddled there with his entourage. "John, you were great!" exclaims Dumont. "That was perfect. Don't you see man, we wanted you to run. That was the scene!" Bobbitt seems unsure. Rubbing his welted body, he says he'll eventually get the hang of the humiliation, and the pain. After all, he notes, he's a Marine. "It's just like when I was in the Corps," he says. "Adapt and adjust, adapt and adjust. And besides, it's not like I haven't felt pain before."


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