Cunanan Really A Hoax to Discredit Gays, Asians

In the wake of relentless, coast-to-coast Cunanan coverage, an unseasonable chill has descended upon Miami Beach's exclusive and happy-go-lucky gay enclave.This cosmopolitan metropolis once known as the "northernmost capital of Latin America," has recently seen its sun 'n' fun image eclipsed by the harsh and unforgiving lights of the national media.Miami, the favored getaway for both jet-set celebrities and deposed dictators, has now been officially "outed" as the unequivocally homosexual hideaway of one Andrew P. Cunanan.It was in Miami Beach, after all, that the infamous "spree" killer supposedly met his living end. But contrary to popular belief -- and relief, -- the real Andrew Cunanan is not yet dead.Indeed, under expert scrutiny the only available evidence indicates that he may never have existed in the first place.On Thursday, July 24, 1997, the alleged body of the suspected killer (Cunanan) was discovered, literally faceless, on a houseboat in South Miami Beach. It was then and there that local and federal enforcement agents appeared to have finally caught their "chameleon" killer. They were, in fact, denied a first and last look at his true colors.Why was Cunanan a chameleon?Was it because he was an exotic and invisible Asian man or simply because he has an even more absurdly incongruous figure: a man who loved other men? For that matter, why was this infamous killer found faceless, and why are we being asked to believe that he was ever in Miami Beach, in the first place?There are more questions let unanswered now than there were discredited Cunanan sightings then. As the FBI slaps "FOUND DEAD" banners on its "10 Most Wanted" posters across the country, onlookers and intimates alike can only wonder: "Was there ever a real Andrew Cunanan?"Rumors suggest that Cunanan's highly publicized "homo-cidal" rampage might just be the greatest media hoax perpetrated on the American public since the successful Apollo moon landing.As Cunanan's picaresque wends its way to a violent, inevitable and highly eroticized end, the Cunanan fable turns out to be not so much a puzzle but a crudely constructed collage.How else could Cunanan have made his way across the country from San Diego to Miami undetected? The only logical explanation: he was not one man but many men -- indeed, many persons all at once.Televised snapshots were said to depict him alternatively as both stout and slender, grizzly and hairless, masculine and feminine, Caucasian and Asian. Ethnocentric and racist slips on behalf of the media or simply factual statements?And what of the singular motives of this multifaceted -- yet mute -- public figure? For, obviously, no mere mortal could take on such surreal symbolism.After being labeled a "shapeshifter," members of the gay community publicly postulated that Cunanan had embarked upon his killing spree after being notified that he was HIV positive. According to this contagious logic, Cunanan came to embody the senseless carnage ushered in by the AIDS epidemic -- a spectacle of ceremonial death no single gay man had been able to accomplish before him.Even the dramatically ineffectual Miami Police Department attempted to pin their own homophobia on Cunanan, arguing, in so many words, that "If this fag had outrun the law it was only because he was disguised as a woman."Cunanan: a model minority gone awry or a changeling of preternatural force? Cunanan: superhuman criminal genius or your average, intelligent gay man?In this mass-mediated game of double jeopardy, the press and the police have thus far disguised their helpless queries as bizarre answersAny true explanations of the Gay O.J. that never was will come only in the form of blunt questions.Andrew Philip Cunanan, we hardly knew ye.


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