ATN's Music News of the World: The Perfect Drug

STAR REMIXERS REMAKE "PERFECT DRUG"Addicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: That upcoming NIN remix EP will feature a number of remixes of the song "Perfect Drug" (the single from the Trent Reznor-produced Lost Highway soundtrack album).Putting their mark on "Perfect Drug" are The Orb, Meat Beat Manifesto, Space Time Continuum and Plug. The EP, (due May 13), will also have a bonus "NIN remix" that a source told ATN starts off with a "sort of Aphex Twin vibe and then goes into a harder, more Trent vibe."A DJ-only promo remix by Aphrodite will also be made available around the same time.As for Reznor's Nothing Records label, ATN has learned that both Plug (aka Luke Vibert aka Wagonchrist) and legendary German industrial group Einsturzende Neubauten have finally signed on the dotted line and joined the Nothing family.Plug's first album for his new boss will be called Drum and Bass for Papa and is expected later this year; no word yet on when Neubauten will make their Nothing debut.FAITH NO MORE'S ALBUM OF THE YEARAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: It's been hard to fess up to Faith No More fandom the last couple of years. First, guitar wiz Jim Martin took off after 1992's troubled Angel Dust, followed by the too-close-for-comfort Commodores-covering 1993 Easy EP and the acidic 1995 album King for a Day, Fool For a Lifetime, which again asked fans to deal with a lot of ideas, some of them half-baked. And if that wasn't enough, there was always singer Mike Patton's even more bizarre side-project, Mr. Bungle, whose 1995 album Disco Volante and subsequent masked tour, was close to the feeling of watching a car crash under slowly strobing lights.So, with the turmoil behind them, another new guitarist, John Hudson, and a new CD, Album of the Year (June 3) that signals a musical return to the land of fruit and honey (i.e. 1989's hit album The Real Thing), Faith No More seem poised to climb back from the career abyss. The only question is, are the same fans who dug the Red Hot sound of their big hit, "Epic" (you remember, the one with the flopping fish video) still around to care?The good news is the hard-hitting 12-track album is packed with the same funk and metal sound that made Patton the rival to Anthony Keidis' long-haired alternaguy pin-up throne all those years ago and the band the darlings of the burgeoning alternative set, if only for a minute. The opening track, "Collision," features a mix of Roddy Bottum's gothic keyboards, Hudson's arena-metal guitars and Patton's growling croon, all of which adds up to what their bastard offspring Korn might sound like if they didn't take themselves so seriously and listened to a few Parliament albums. "Last Cup of Sorrow" is more of the punk funk that brought them to the top the first time and the 2-minute blast of "Naked In Front of the Computer" is one of the hardest, most coherent burst of riffs and attitude the band have summoned since before Martin's departure.Ironically, "Path of Glory" features a refrain that might be familiar to a few Korn fans, ("I'm coming, I'm coming," etc.) , while "Mouth To Mouth" is plain old bruising funk rock with guitars that sound like dull drill bits. Throw in a bit of soulful balladry on "She Loves me Not," the herky-jerky surf punk of "Got That Feeling" the gothic groan of "Pristina" and the spiraling industrial rock of the hidden track "Light Up & Let Go" and you've got nearly an hour's worth of angst and attitude that falls somewhere between Queensryche and a more metallic Jane's Addiction.JON SPENCER JOINS LOLLA '97 LINE-UPAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: The latest confirmed act the Lollapalooza '97 Main Stage is the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. The band has accepted a spot on the main stage, according to a source at Matador Records, the Blues Explosion's label.Although a spokesperson for the festival would neither confirm nor deny the Spencer addition, citing a pending announcement of the full line-up, it looks likely that the fractured punk-blues band will take the fourth slot on a bill that is shaping up as, to put it delicately one of the more "off-beat" Lolla line-ups. As previously reported in ATN, other acts that are "99% set" for the Main Stage include Tricky, Korn, Tool and Snoop Doggy Dogg.Plus that self-indulgent duo Ween have been asked, and are considering, a spot on the Main Stage, according to a source at the group's label, Elektra Entertainment.The Lollapalooza spokesperson told ATN that a formal announcement of the line-up will be made in the next two weeks.X MEMBERS & RANCID BASSIST PUNK OUTAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: Auntie Christ, the punk collective headed by ex-X singer Exene Cervenkova (vocals/guitar) along with ex-X drummer D.J. Bonebrake and Rancid bassist Matt Freeman, have finished recording their debut for Lookout Records.The album, entitled Life Could Be a Dream (May 27) is a 10-track affair written entirely by Exene (except one song co-written with Bonebrake) and produced by Sally Browder (Rocket From the Crypt, Humpers). A source at Lookout said the band hope to tour this summer and, at the very least, will play some California dates around the time of the album's release. "They were expecting to have to find a replacement for Matt (Freeman), but Rancid are out of the studio on April 6 and they probably won't go back in until July, and Matt is really into playing with these guys. He really wants to do some shows with them."Knowing how far-flung Cervenkova's tastes and commitments are, ATN wondered whether this group was just her latest distraction. "This is Exene's main project right now, besides her store (You've Got Bad Taste) and the kid," said our source.The Life Could Be a Dream track listing: "Bad Trip," "I Don't," "Not You," "Tell Me," "A Rat in the Tunnel Of Love," "Look Out Below," "The Virus," "Nothing Generation," "Future is a War" and "With a Bullet."The album comes in at a frighteningly lean 24 minutes, but our friends at Lookout promise it'll mysteriously feel twice that long.CRUCIFUCKED TO THE TUNE OF $2.2 MILLIONAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: The Crucifucks fought the law, and it looks like the law may have won this round. Last Friday (April 4), a federal judge in Philadelphia awarded $2.2 million in a default judgment to a policeman and his union in a suit over the use of a photo of Philly policeman James Whalen on the cover of the Crucifucks' 1992 compilation album Our Will Be Done.The band, their label (San Francisco-based Alternative Tentacles) and its owner, Jello Biafra (Eric R. Boucher), had been sued more than a year ago by the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) over its unauthorized use of the photo, which showed officer Whalen pretending to lie dead next to his cruiser. FOP press officer Dale Wilcox told ATN the photo was used in a poster to raise public awareness of a 1986 contract dispute between the city and the FOP and bore the legend, "You wouldn't sacrifice your life for a million bucks. A Philadelphia police officer does it for a lot less. They need your support."In condemning the label and the band, whose album contained what Wilcox called "anti-police sentiment," police union head Richard Costello said, "I'm hoping for every last dime these people have, up to the penny in their loafers if we can get it." Wilcox said the FOP's $1.1 million share of the judgment money would be used to provide scholarships for the children of slain officers through the Hero Scholarship fund...A press release from Alternative Tentacles states: "We at Alternative Tentacles Records are disappointed that the Federal Court has entered a default judgment against Alternative Tentacles Records, Jello Biafra and The Crucifucks."The press release from the label, whose long-standing motto is "Giving Art a Bad Name Since 1979," notes that the same Judge who ruled against AT in this case dismissed the FOP claims as without merit in the case of co-defendant Borders Books and Music last July.The release also clarifies that "a default judgment is not a judgment based on the merits of a case. It is the result of a statutory procedure requiring proper notice to the defendants before a default can be taken. The Fraternal Order of Police took the default of Alternative Tentacles Records and Jello Biafra even though their attorneys knowingly failed to properly serve the required notice of their intention to take the default. This case has not gone to trial."Finally, the release says that AT and Biafra have filed a motion in Federal Court seeking to set aside the default judgment.Wilcox explained that a default judgment means the defendants failed to appear in court and added that "a court order is a court order. The band and the label will be subject to collection when the court decides."Wilcox explained that the FOP took exception to the "misappropriation" of Sergeant Whalen's image "in addition to making money off of this image for themselves, and in the course of doing that, associating police with songs like 'Cops For Fertilizer' and "Pigs in a Blanket,' which advocated the murder of officers.""Music News of The World" appears every day in the on-line rock & roll magazine, Addicted To Noise, which can be found on the Internet at:

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