ATN's Music News of the World: L7 and Hayden

COOL ROCKIN' ALBUM COMIN' FROM L7L7's next album is complete. Titled The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum, the album is the group's first since the departure of bassist Jennifer Finch. L7 members Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner traded off laying down the bass tracks, along with their friend Greta Brinkman; former Belly bassist Gail Greenwood has subsequently joined the band.Produced by Rob Cavallo (the man behind the boards for Green Day's smash Dookie), along with Joe Barresi and L7, The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum features 12 tracks: "The Beauty Process," "Drama," "Off The Wagon," "I Need," "Moonshine," "Bitter Wine," "The Masses Are Asses," "Bad Things," "Must Have More," "Non-Existent Patricia," "Me, Myself & I," and "Lorenza, Glada, Allesandra."Absolute knockout is the heavily rhythmic "I Need," which rumbles along like some huge juggernaut. The album will be released on Feb. 25. And, yes, the group will be touring.HAYDEN MAKES HIS MOVECanadian folk-rocker Hayden, is going back to his roots on his new seven-song acoustic EP, Moving Careful.Like his debut, this EP will be released on the small Toronto indie Hardwood Records/Sonic Onion. (Hayden's debut was first released on Hardwood and then remixed for producer Scott (R.E.M.) Litt's Outpost Records.)Hayden is also getting a full band together as he prepares to enter the studio in January to record his sophomore album. And, in case you didn't catch it, Hayden sang the theme song to Steve Buscemi's directorial debut, Trees Lounge, and was a highlight of this year's Bridge School benefit concert.TOM PETTY PLAYS AT 20If Tom Petty were a Broadway show he'd be the smash hit of the season. Sure, he could play hockey arenas until the cows come home (or the weed runs out), but Petty is a simple man with simple wants. Like, he and the boys wanted to go on the road, but not for a full-fleged tour and they wanted to play the Fillmore in San Francisco, which he and the Heartbreakers had never done, so he asked his people to book a couple of shows in the Bay Area. Well, a couple soon turned into 10 shows. But when the 1250 tickets for each show kept selling out, 10 more dates were added and now the band is doing a remarkable string of 20 shows, starting in November, taking December off and running again from mid-January through February 1.SATAN'S SHADOW FALLS ON GIRLS VS BOYSIt might have seemed like a clever idea at the time, but Girls Against Boys recently paid the price for giving their latest single the satanic-themed title, "Disco 666."According to Rob Tennet, Touch & Go UK's label manager, the single, which was to have come out several weeks ago, was delayed until this week thanks to a series of odd and as far as he's concerned, devilish, mishaps. First, thanks to a metalworking fault, the majority of the singles the label had pressed at their plant were defective, this despite the fact that the manufacturer checks the CD's several times before they leave the plant and three people at the label checked them as well -- all found no problems. But when several thousand copies went out, the manager started getting a raft of calls about the CD's skipping and not playing properly. "The CD plant still can't figure out what happened," said Tennet. "But I think some heads have rolled. Someone has been fired over it. But so far we are at a loss to explain what happened."That snafu in and of itself would have been pretty weird. But then came the Poster Disaster. "Before a tour we have these generic 23' by 33' posters made up with the band's name, an image and a space at the bottom for the date and venue, that kind of thing," said Tennet. Well, their American counterparts were supposed to email the art to the London office so that the posters could be made several weeks before the tour started on October 16. For some reason, the email attachment wouldn't unstuff and the message got bounced back and forth across the ocean for almost two weeks. When it finally arrived it was corrupted and caused the computers to crash repeatedly. Eventually, the art was Fed-Exed and the discs caused the computers to crash once again, eight times in 48 hours. When the art was finally grabbed, the posters went to production and came out with some weird, unexplainable lines marring the image. The poster, of course, publicized the new single and bore the "Disco 666" artwork."At this point I was starting to freak out a bit and losing sleep," said our frazzled friend. When the posters were done, they were sent out all over Europe, with several bunches going to France, where the band is very popular. The only problem was that some venues got four packages when they should have gotten two, others none when they should have gotten three. Some ended up in Switzerland, while some boxes of singles headed to Germany ended up in France. Somebody call Fox, sounds like an X-File.BELLY BUSTER: TANYA DONELLY'S EP DUE SOONYou're gonna have to hit the import bin if you want to hear Tanya Donelly's first post-Belly release. The 4-song EP, entitled Sliding and Diving, will be released on November 25, but not in the U.S. The songs, "Bum," "Restless," "Human" and "Swoon" were produced by Donelly and Wally Gagel and "Swoon" features a cameo from ex-Pixie Dave Lovering. Sources at Donelly's label, 4AD, predicted that her first full-length, which Donelly is busy recording, will see the light of day around March of 1997.BEN VAUGHN TURNED HIS CAR INTO A RECORDING STUDIOWhether you realize it or not, you've probably been hearing a lot of Philly-Jersey rock and roll mainstay Ben Vaughn lately. Vaughn has served as producer for Ween and Los Straightjackets, and he provides much of the music (including the surf theme) for TV's Third Rock from the Sun. In addition, he has recently recorded an album with Alex Chilton and Alan Vega.Early next year, you'll surely hear more of Vaughn when Rhino Records reissues his Rambler 65 album, which Vaughn recorded entirely -- we're not making this up -- in his car.Spain's Munster label originally released the album two years ago. Vaughn recorded it inside his 1965 Rambler using a Tascam eight channel board. The disc contains a dozen tracks of pub rock love songs that would sound great on AM radio and would do Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds proud.Music heads will be pleased to know that the liner notes include specific details about every item Vaughn used on the record, from instruments and pedals to an electric razor and a can of Quaker State oil. Though he had some help from a friend on sitar, Vaughn played all the other instruments (including guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and drum machines) himself.Oh yeah: Vaughn mixed the album, conventionally enough, in his home.NEW TRICKIt appears Cheap Trick were so inspired by their time in the studio with Chicago producer Steve Albini, that instead of cutting a new version of their classic "Downed" for their upcoming Sub Pop single, they recorded a brand new song, "Baby No More," that will serve as the A side. The B-side will still be a cover of The Move's "Brontosaurus." We also now know that that full-length Cheap Trick album we told you about a few weeks ago will be coming out on Castle Records, home of Motorhead and Ugly Kid Joe. A source at the sessions told us that Castle had a video crew on hand in the tiny studio to document the historic meeting of the minds between Albini and Trick (MTV was allegedly "out of cash for the year," and unable to send their own crew) and that when the new Bush video came on during some downtime, Albini hushed everybody and looked on like a proud coach.CD OF THE WEEK: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S BLOOD BROTHERSThough I thought it would probably be a throwaway, Blood Brothers, the five song CD that Bruce Springsteen recorded with the E Street Band in 1995 is a moving collection of songs that drives home yet again what an amazing force Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were. Springsteen regrouped the band in '95 for the purpose of cutting a few songs for inclusion on his then-upcoming greatest hits album. The new CD includes both alternate versions of songs that appeared on that album, along with a couple of songs that haven't been previously released. While it is the brooding alternate take of "Blood Brothers" and the live recording of the great "Murder Incorporated" that really stand out here, the other songs show Springsteen in both a contemplative mood ("Secret Garden", and just plain having fun ("Without You"). While this certainly won't convert the uninitiated, for anyone who has ever been moved by Springsteen, these songs, some of which bore into the dark underbelly of mid-'90s America, will make your day.OFF-THE-(ATN)-WIRE: The upcoming Veruca Salt album will be titled, Eight Arms to Hold You. The album, produced by Bob Rock, will be released February 11 and will contain 14 brand new songs. The band are gearing up to film the video for the first single, "Volcano Girls," which will hit the airwaves in mid-January...Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard's side group, Brad, are getting ready to enter the studio next month to work on their sophomore effort. The band, which consists of Gossard, Satchel's Regan Hagar and Shawn Smith and singer/songwriter Jeremy Toback, will gather at Gossard's Litho studios sometime in December to lay down tracks with producer Nick Didia...Soundgarden had to cancel two mid-November shows due to singer Chris Cornell's acute laryngitis...Bush weren't exactly pleased with the Spin cover story that, once again, focused on the good looks of the band's lead singer...And none other than ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic came to Eddie Vedder's rescue, posting an inpassioned rant online criticizing the Rolling Stone cover story that was written without an interview with Vedder...


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