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LONG-AWAITED CHEMICAL BROTHERS ALBUM DUE IN APRILAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: England's Chemical Brothers have completed work on their second full-length album Dig Your Own Hole, which is expected to hit stores sometime in early April.The 11-song effort, blessed (or cursed, depending on your POV) with a longer version of their current US hit, "Setting Sun," (which as you undoubtedly know by now features vocals from Oasis' Noel Gallagher), will also include a collaboration with Mercury Rev (titled "The Private Psychedelic Reel") who reportedly lay down some typically spaced-out guitars on the track.The song "Where Do I Begin" is bolstered by vocals from British singer Beth Orton, and two songs sample a pair of old-school rappers, "Electrobank," which samples Keith Murray, and the first single, "Block Rockin' Beats," an homage to the legendary Schooly D. The duo will bring it to the stage for a U.S. summer tour following the release of the album.THE TRUTH ABOUT NINE INCH NAILSAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: A fan with an overactive imagination is once again causing nothing but headaches for Nine Inch Nail's Trent Reznor. The fan in question, who runs a NIN/Trent page and who has reportedly been served with two cease and desist orders over his unofficial rantings, has once again managed to fool the press (some of them anyway) with erroneous information about Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, according to Reznor's management company.A Reznor management source told ATN that, contrary to several published reports including one in a recent issue of England's Melody Maker:1) Reznor has not secured remix help from a homeless "bum" who resides in the alley outside his studios.2) Reznor has not completed an new album called Impossible Pain.3) Nor has Reznor completed a remix album called Improbable Pain.4) Trent Reznor's "half-brother," Bob Reznor, will not appear on said album, mainly because there is no such person or album.5) And finally, none of this (as reported in Melody Maker is according to a new interview with metal mag Kerrang! because Reznor never sat for an interview with that magazine (Kerrang! also got the erroneous information from the wacky fan's web site. One guy, so many headaches.What NIN management did tell us is true is that Reznor and the boys will appear in a Mark Romanek (Beck) directed video for "The Perfect Drug," the new NIN song from the soundtrack to David Lynch's Lost Highway. The video debuts on MTV this Sat., Jan. 18. "Trent is performing in it more so than previous videos," said our source. "It's more of a role, a character he's playing, but Trent's own personality definitely took over the character, so it's still him in a way."Although drummer Chris Vrenna appears in the video, don't look for him to be behind the kit in the future, since he is no longer a member of NIN. We understand that Vrenna, who has been by Reznor's side since NIN's debut, Pretty Hate Machine, recently left New Orleans for Los Angeles and, as of last Tuesday (Jan. 7) was on the road with the Smashing Pumpkins serving in an undisclosed capacity. "He's not performing or playing live with them," a source close to Vrenna told ATN. "But he's a real computer wiz and he's working on some new soundtrack recordings with them, helping out with some technical aspects." The Pumpkins' publicist confirmed that Vrenna had recently joined the Pumpkins posse, and that the band is working on a song for the next Batman movie.Oh yeah. Also true: Reznor is writing the next NIN album in New Orleans and Los Angeles.PORNO FOR PYROS TOUR ABORTEDAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: Porno For Pyros have canceled their upcoming world tour. On the eve of a planned benefit show to raise money for a trust fund for guitarist Peter DiStefano's daughter, which was to take place Jan. 9 at L.A.'s Whiskey nightclub, the band's label, Warner Bros., told Addicted To Noise that both the benefit and the tour were canceled. In a statement, Warner Bros. explained: "The band has recently begun working on new material for a forthcoming album, and has decided to forgo touring and concentrate on their new work."The tour was first canceled last fall due to the cancer-related illness of DiStefano, who subsequently underwent successful chemo treatments. The re-scheduled tour was to begin Jan. 15 in Miami, Florida and run through Feb. 11. A source at the management company than handles Porno For Pyros told ATN that there were no plans to re-schedule the 18 dates at this point.The benefit concert was first called off when, contrary to the band's wishes, the original venue, the Roxy, "leaked" word of the secret show by running an ad in the LA Weekly, which also announced that Red Hot Chili Peppers Flea and Dave Navarro (once the guitarist for Jane's Addiction) would be performing. The show was then moved to the Whiskey, only to be canceled again Thurs. morning. "They weren't prepared to do the show, so they thought, 'Why do it if we're not ready?' " a source at Warner Bros. told Addicted To Noise.As for the rumors this past December that Flea and Navarro would tour with the group, according to the record company there were discussions with the two musicians about joining Pornos when the group toured Japan and Australia "although nothing was ever confirmed." The two Chili Peppers did collaborate with Pornos on a new song, "Hard Charger," that will appear on the upcoming Howard Stern movie soundtrack for Private Parts.The band filmed a video for "Hard Charger" in Los Angeles in early January, which features a cameo from Stern and the Chili Peppers duo. The song is scheduled to be the first single from the soundtrack album, which will be released on Feb. 25. A new Porno For Pyros albums is "expected before the end of the year," according to the statement.HITTING THE PAVEMENTPavement, whose new album, Brighten the Corners will be released on Feb. 11, are about to strike out on a 13-date mini-tour of small clubs to preview the new songs before they undertake a bigger U.S. tour in April.The band just wrapped the video for the first single from the album, "Stereo" in New York with director John Kelsey, who directed the seldom-seen video for "Father to a Sister of Thought" from Wowee Zowee, their last album.BLONDIE REGROUPS, ENTERS STUDIOAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: Yes, Virginia, the rumors are true. Bringing to an end months of speculation, a source close to the band confirmed yesterday that '70's popsters Blondie have re-formed and are in the studio working on new material. Singer Deborah Harry, guitarist Chris Stein, drummer Clem Burke and keyboardist Jimmy Destri have been in and out of a New York studio for the past few months jamming and laying down new tracks, including a few with Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurillo. The band have been working on all-new material, although they are currently without a record deal. Plans to release the recordings are "still up in the air" according to the source, as are any plans for live dates.Meanwhile, Harry will celebrate the release of the new Jazz Passengers album, Individually Twisted, (Feb. 14) with a show at New York's Supper Club on Feb. 12. Unlike the first Passengers album, on which she sang on only one tune, Harry handles all the lead vocals on this latest offering, save for one song on which she duets with Elvis Costello. The record will be released on 32 Records, the new label started by legendary Atlantic Records jazz producer Joel Dorn. Following the New York date, Harry will head out on the road for a two-month Jazz Passengers U.S. tour.Harry is also keeping busy on the acting front with bit parts in a pair of upcoming movies, including a brief walk-on in the Sylvester Stallone vehicle Copland. The movie, directed by Jim Mangold (Heavy) will give Harry a chance to briefly re-visit the role of "Dolores," which she played in Heavy alongside Shelly Winters and Liv Tyler. She's also currently in rehearsals for Six Ways to Sunday, the second feature film (the first being the straight-to-video turkey It's Pat) from video director (Bruce Springsteen, Ween) Adam Bernstein.OFF-THE-(ATN)-WIRE: Blur will be in New York in early February to meet the press and talk up their groovy upcoming album, Blue, which is the one that could bring them Oasis-like success in the U. S. Finally...If you can find a CD by Sukia, grab it up fast. This sorta-loungy, sorta trippy disc, on the Nickle Bags label, includes a track produced by the Dust Brothers. The rest of the CD is just as good though. Nothing like Odelay, but real, really fine...Now that the Porno For Pyros tour has fallen apart, Mike Watt, who was going to play bass, has once again focused on this next album. "me, I'm back to watt world and hard at work w/my punk rock opera," says Watt. "I was only there to help anyway (and to learn) but it's back to the lab in pedro and take everything that's gone into watt all these years and journeys and become what he's gotta be. all my love to the pornos, they are dear to me and I wish them the best but I gotta check out some funny noise down in the engine room."...We still rubbing our eyes after seeing that new Live video for "Lakini's Juice," you know, the one that has all he guys and gals undressing and taking turns having sex in different positions on a bed while the others stand around waiting their turn. Quite interesting. It makes us wonder: what, exactly, is "Lakini's Juice"?

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