Astrologically Yours: Star Signs of the Candidates

As the election nears, are you getting the "Will-ies" or are you in the "Dole-drums"? Since the election is timely, I thought we would take a look at the two main contenders in the presidential race, talk something about their style and how each affects the other in a personal way.Bob Dole (with Taurus Rising) has a sensible and realistic outlook on life, amazingly consistent and possessing great powers of endurance. What he does, he does with great deliberation. However, he does not like to make changes and does not easily adapt to the unexpected. Outwardly, he may appear at times gentle or soft but because of his enormous strong will, he can be very determined. He marches to the tune of his own drum, goes at his own pace and refuses to be rushed or pushed into anything before he feels absolutely sure about it. He can be persuaded but never forced. Sometimes his singleness of purpose and his obstinacy can frustrate others. He appears calm, unruffled and non-emotional when in fact he is an extremely emotional person. This is because Dole has four planets in Cancer including his Sun placement. He has powerful emotional attachments to his home, family, his roots and he is extremely patriotic. In fact, because the United States birth chart is also Cancerian, Dole would understand the very soul of our country. He has a very intense drive, his motivations are strong and deep-seated -- not always obvious, but nevertheless present. He is self-serving and determined to get what he wants. He is very assertive and energetic with a strong will to win. On a personal level, he tends to be very moody with frequent emotional ups and downs .Dole and Clinton share similar aspects between Mercury and Mars which makes them good spokespersons, both liking a good debate. Dole, on one hand, might be extremely quick to respond, and Clinton, on the other hand, would be more cautious and thoughtful.Dole has his Moon in Scorpio which tends to make him secretive with an inclination to brooding silences. People may feel that he keeps them at a distance. He can be easily hurt; he doesn't forget but he can be forgiving. Where you might not expect to get a second chance, Dole would give you one. He absolutely expects the best from people and people in turn try to measure up to that expectation.As a young person with Moon (Scorpio) square Neptune (Leo), he may have been a daydreamer, interested in metaphysics and or spiritual matters. He craves emotional security but needs to feel free. Sometimes his feelings may be a bit irrational and he tends to be closed-fisted and frugal. With Venus (Cancer) square Saturn (Libra), this again emphasizes his emotional insecurity being careful about people getting too close. Dole is proud, ambitious and likes to be recognized. He is self-confident, sometimes arrogant. When confidence is undermined, he becomes defensive and belligerent. With Moon (Scorpio) trine Pluto (Cancer), Dole has tremendous emotional intensity and is drawn to the mysterious, the unknown and challenging experiences that draw on all our inner resources. He would be able to handle any crisis well with a desire for bringing feelings out into the open. With Moon (Scorpio) trine Uranus (Pisces), Dole can on occasions be uninhibited and spontaneous -- often doing something humorously unexpected.Now, let's take a look at Clinton. With Libra Rising, Bill Clinton is a natural diplomat, tolerant and fair -- always trying to listen to varying viewpoints. Even when Clinton disagrees with someone, you notice that he will try to find points of similarity and agreement rather than emphasizing the differences. He has been criticized for this style as some people feel that he is wishy-washy, not definite. Actually, he is trying to maintain harmony and balance. Bill Clinton takes a friendly cooperative, approach rather than a strong, forceful, "I'm going to conquer the world" attitude. Pleasantries are enormously important to him. He wants to please others to such an extent, that often he suppresses his own intense or unpleasant feelings so as not to offend. People see Mr. Clinton as agreeable, smooth, harmonious and genuinely "nice." Marriage and partnerships are very important. In fact, having a partner increases his self-confidence. This is why Hillary Clinton and Al Gore have been so visible in his presidency. The Libra influence is also emphasized in his chart because he has four planets there in the first house, including Mars, Neptune, Venus and Jupiter which conjunct the Ascendant. This gives Mr. Clinton enormous personal charm and attractiveness. This makes him very energetic and forceful when he wants something. He is a doer and achiever with a positive "I can" attitude. Neptune on the Ascendant gives him an elusive and subtle quality. He appears very idealistic, perhaps sometimes impractical and often people are not clear about what he represents. Clinton is extremely musical because he has Venus conjunct Neptune. Mercury conjunct Saturn (Leo) sextile Mars (Libra), gives him very good communication skills, excellent powers of concentration, organized thinking and a methodical approach to all he undertakes.Mercury (Leo) also sextiles Neptune (Libra) which gives Mr. Clinton wonderful powers of persuasion when he speaks. Bill Clinton, however, with his Sun in Leo in the 10th house, makes him a proud and intense individual with a desire to stand out and to be the very best he can be. Doing something well and being respected for his contribution is his driving force. He has big dreams and the vitality and enthusiasm to bring them about. There is something romantic and dramatic to his style.HOW EACH AFFECTS THE OTHERThere seems to be a past life connection between Mr. Dole and Mr. Clinton. Dole's aggressiveness and push to gain power (attempt to win the presidency) shakes Clinton's security on a very personal level. Mr. Clinton feels this as a political, social and career issue because the contact falls in his 10th house. Dole and his group will try to unearth deep seeded secrets about Mr. Clinton and bring them to public attention. This may bring some complications to Mr. Clinton's campaign.Clinton's Moon (in Taurus) and Dole's Moon (in Scorpio) are in opposition and indicate that their emotional responses are very different. This aspect can be very harmonious or separative. Because of the nature of their political ideals, this naturally brings forth the challenge between them. Dole is suspicious and tends to be manipulative. Clinton feels his value system is being questioned. Clinton perceives that Dole is too old to run even though he will not publicly say this. The campaign may force Clinton to spend much more than was budgeted. This dollar amount may seem excessive. There is no love lost between the two, but they are joined in a cosmic plan.Clinton's planets fall in Dole's sixth house of service. Although Dole would not admit it, he sees Clinton as a real servant to the people. This tests Dole's own sense of security in giving public service. Dole regards himself as dynamic and vital but Clinton affects Dole's security at his very core and this brings the reality of the age factor home to Dole. Both men are very determined to win and not to change course.Clinton literally selected his goal in life and moved toward it steadily. He knew where he was going and the likelihood that he would achieve his aspiration was indicated in the chart. He has by his own determination and plan carved out his destiny.Dole has a "singleton planet," Uranus, with the balance of his planets in a trine. This makes him an expert but his true expertise is manifested in a unique, original and unpredictable way. Unlike Clinton, Mr. Dole is more of a man being at the right place at the right time. This is not to overshadow his hard work, but Clinton methodically moved up the ladder of success rung by rung. Dole has a powerful chart but it is not a leadership chart in the same way as Clinton's. With Chiron in his12th house, this may suggest that Dole's real mission is shaping things behind the scenes rather than being in the forefront.Right now, Dole has opposing Neptune transiting his natal Mercury (Cancer) His thinking may be illusional; what he yearns for may be outside his reach. Opposing Uranus is transiting his natal Mars (Leo) so an unusual twist may occur in his drive to become President. A sudden event may change his course. Something could anger him that would create a fighting spirit. Right now, he is under an influence that may delude him into thinking that he can win. Jupiter will soon be transiting his Midheaven which will produce an event...(the election). Could this event be his achievement...or his downfall?Right now, Clinton has opposing Uranus transiting his natal Saturn (Leo). His responsibilities, obligations and loyalties are being tested. A few more unexpected bolts out of the blue before the election may confront him. His attention to and management of these bolts will indicate how well he does at the Polls.This is a thumb-nail sketch of a complicated process in delineating a chart, doing comparisons and timing for life's events. Astrology is an exciting tool for understanding the human condition and all the wonderful insights it provides. In order to predict the outcome of the election, a chart with the transits and progression of natal planets for each candidate would have to be erected. Astrology should be used not to take the fun out of life but to put more.

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