Affirmative Action Index

Affirmative Action IndexTotal number of freshmen in UC system statewide in 1993: 20,216Total number of African-American freshmen enrolled in UC system statewide in 1993: 1,990Total number of freshmen enrolled in UC system in 1993 who qualified only because of their race: 232Year Thirteenth Amendment, which ended slavery, was ratified: 1865Year state of Mississippi ratified Thirteenth Amendment: 1995Total number of special admission enrollments at UCLA in 1994: 140Number of those students given special admission status because of athletic ability: 81Percentage of U.S. population who are women: 51.2Percentage of U.S. doctors who are women: 22.3Percentage of U.S. nurses who are women: 93.8Percentage of African-Americans in U.S. population: 12.4Percentage of U.S. doctors who are African-American: 4.2Percentage of California judges who are white men: 87Percentage of Californians who are white: 53.01Projected percentage of white Californians in the year 2030: 36.58Year Gov. Pete Wilson appointed Ward Connerly (who led the fight to abolish affirmative action programs) to UC Board of Regents: 1993Amount of money Connerly contributed to Wilson campaigns between 1989 and 1991: $73,000Number of UC Regents: 26Number of UC Regents who contributed at least $1,000 to Pete Wilson's campaign coffers during the last six years: 13Number of African-American UC Regents: 2Number of UC Regents with Armenian surnames appointed by fellow Armenian-American and former Gov. George Deukmejian: 2Number of UC Regents married to Ken Khachigian, senior adviser to Wilson's presidential campaign: 1 Name of the man Aryan Nation pastor and leading anti-Semitic white supremacist Richard Butler told the New York Times "is beginning to wake up'' to Aryan views: Pete WilsonAmount of federal money that could be put at risk as a result of UC's decision to abolish affirmative action: $5 billionPete Wilson's reaction to news that UC could lose federal subsidies: "They can take those threats and stuff them.'' UC Davis Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef's reaction to the regents' vote: "I think the regents did not make the right decision.''Song sung by protesters as regents decided to abolish affirmative action programs: "We Shall Overcome''

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