Addicted To Noise's Music News of the World -- Metal Superstar on Pansy Division CD

UNNAMED METAL SUPERSTAR ON PANSY DIVISION RECORD>Addicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: Homocore punkers Pansy Division have a ringer along for the ride on their new Lookout Records 7", For Those About to Suck Cock, We Salute You. The title, a spoof of an AC/DC (how appropriate) song, is just the tip of the iceberg. Although legally they aren't allowed to say who it is, a source told us the Judas Priest cover on the B-Side ("Breakin' the Law,") features a guest appearance from the lead guitarist in the world's biggest heavy metal band (the gentleman in question has a chin piercing, used to have long hair, but is now sporting a shorter doo, and smokes Cuban cigars). The single, whose A side is dubbed the "Heavy Side," contains a new original by the band called "Headbanger," while the "Metal Side" features a cover of KISS' "Sweet Pain." Judas Priest's suddenly more meaningful ode to lawlessness is aimed at raising awareness about the 21 states that still have anti-sodomy laws on the books. The band assumed some appropriate pseudonyms for the project, including Duh Stin (drummer Dustin Donaldson), The Reverend (bassist Chris Freeman), Jon Bon Ginoli (singer/guitarist Jon Ginoli) and Al Shatonia (he who can't be named). WEEZER ISSUES RESTRAINING ORDERAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: The very modern noisy pop combo Weezer were issued a Temporary Restraining Order Monday Sept. 23. Like the Butthole Surfers before them (who were forced to change the name of their most recent CD, Electriclarryland from the Rogers and Hammerstein-provoking Oklahoma), Weezer has run into title trouble. It seems the band, who named their sophomore effort, Pinkerton, have been slapped with a TRO by the Delaware-based Pinkerton Security and Investigation Service. The TRO, issued by U.S. District Court Judge John G. Davies in Los Angeles on September 23, a day before the album was released, prevents the band's label, Geffen, from advertising or promoting the album with its current title. The TRO is part of a $2 million lawsuit filed by the security company against Weezer and Geffen for federal trademark infringement and Lanham Act violations and which seeks to force Geffen to account for all profits from the sale of the album Pinkerton. According to Dereck Andrade, Public Affairs Manager for Pinkerton, the TRO prohibits Geffen and Weezer from, "selling, distributing, or advertising the album named Pinkerton." Andrade says the company's concern is that the album title infringes on the well-known name of the more than 100-year old business, which, according to its press materials, counts "approximately half of the "Fortune 1,000" companies as its clients." Although Andrade said he couldn't comment on previous discussions with the label or the band concerning the name, he did confirm that there was contact between the two companies prior to the release and that "discussions occurred and obviously communications were not sufficient enough for a resolution and Pinkerton was left with having to request a TRO, which was granted." A hearing is scheduled for October 3 in L. A. in U.S. District Court, during which Andrade says Pinkerton will be asking for a preliminary injunction that would prevent Geffen and Weezer from using the name.The title of the album actually refers to a character from the opera Madame Butterfly. Late Tuesday a Geffen spokesperson issued the following statement: "To Weezer, 'Pinkerton' is a character in Puccini's 'Madame Butterfly,' a favorite of singer Rivers Cuomo. Rivers choosing to use the name Pinkerton came strictly within an opera fan's frame of reference. It was not meant to be aimed at any sort of corporate entity, it was merely a musician paying homage to an inspiration and hoping to enlighten a few fans in the process."NEW BOOK DOCUMENTS POST-PUNK SCENEComing in December is Noise From the Underground: A Secret History of Alternative Rock, a book of very cool images by rock photog Michael Lavine. The book features text by Pat Blashill and an intro by Henry Rollins. The cover shows a young Chris Cornell looking very Jim Morrison, caught during the photo session for Louder Than Love. Other artists included in the oversize coffee table volume: Nirvana, the Beastie Boys, Pavement, the Ramones, the Meat Puppets, Sonic Youth, Paul Westerberg, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop and Hole.SHAKE THE BUSHAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: The release of the second, still-untitled album from Bush has been pushed up to November 19. The 14-song CD, recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and Sarm West Studios in London this past summer with producer Steve Albini, will likely be preceded by the single "Swallowed." Other song titles: "Greedy Fly," "Synapse," "Communicator," "Bone Driven," "A Tendency To Start Fires," "Still Missing," and "Distant Voices." According to a source at the group's label, the CD will contain some surprises for fans, including a few songs with string arrangements. When we spoke to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale earlier this year (mid-way through the sessions for the album) he enthused about working with Albini. "For us, he's the best person that records bands," Rossdale said. "When we made this record, the records that we had in the studio to kind of listen to, to see we were in the right world, were Rid of Me, Surfarosa, and Pod." All of those were produced by Albini. As for the producer himself, when he was in Chicago earlier this year he told us he was happy with the sessions, but, as is typical of Albini, would not talk about them. Bush is currently in search of a director for the first video and the latest plans have them touring after the new year, possibly by early February.NEW DAY RISING FOR DR. DREAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: Never one for understatement, Dr. Dre is announcing the birth of his new label, Aftermath Entertainment, with an all-star party. Dre, who recently broke with Death Row, the label he helped found, says his upcoming album is all about the "new." "Everything's new -- new album, new label, new artists, new producers. This ain't a Chronic II," he warns. The follow-up to Dre's quadruple-platinum solo debut, The Chronic, is called Dr. Dre Presents...The Aftermath, and, according to sources at Interscope Records, the label distributing Aftermath, it's a compilation highlighting "new performances from several legendary artists as well as showcasing more than a dozen new Aftermath Entertainment artists and producers." The first single is "East Coast/West Coast Killas," featuring Group Therapy, a bi-coastal collaboration among NAS, KRS-ONE, B-Real and RBX aimed at laying to rest all the East/West tension that's been building over the past two years. Other tracks by Dre proteges include a cover of David Bowie's "Fame" by crooner RC, a cut from girl-group Hands On and tracks from Kim Summerson, Maurice Wilcher, Da Beast, Serenade, Whoz Who (that's what we'd like to know) and old-school jams from King T, RBX and Mel-Man. So far, the only track Dre himself is expected to rap on is "Been There Done That." The CD will contain raps from Dre discoveries Nowl, Sharief and Miscellaneous, any one of whom might (or might not) be the next Snoop. In this month's VIBE, Dre says of Aftermath and his new proteges, "We're gonna make a lot of money in the future. And I'm gonna make a lot of superstars." As for the break with Death Row, Dre tells VIBE: "At first it was just a big family thing, but the more money that got made, the further apart everybody came. It's like, certain people started becoming what they hated."THAT SYMBOL GUY IS HARD AT WORKAddicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: Fans of He Who Can't Be Named (the guy we used to call Prince), can expect to swing in the New Year in style. According to sources deep inside Paisley Park, the Mysterious One plans to release his 3-CD opus of all new material sometime around the dawn of 1997. The triple disc, entitled Emancipation, and his first since his notorious split with Warner Brothers Records, will be released on his own NPG Records imprint, although our source said a distribution deal has not yet been worked out. It will contain 36 songs, which we were assured was "not vault stuff, all brand new music, that he has been mixing and will continue to mix until it is pressed and distributed." In an unusual move, the ex-Prince will allow customers to purchase the CD first on his web site (, which is now mysteriously empty, revealing only a pastoral bath scene and a strange, lanky female figure with the familiar glyph tattooed on her shoulder, but which we are assured will soon be full of information allowing fans to decide how much they wish to pay for the discs. Additionally, the site will supposedly contain a mechanism by which fans can vote on how they would like to custom-tailor the next album, whether they want all guitar rockers, ballads, or a mix of both. Our source tells us that almost all the music on the forthcoming CD's was generated by the Purple One, with a few surprise guests here and there. Among the songs already completed are a version of the Stylistics' "Betcha By Golly, Wow" and a song with a classic Prince title, "Sex in the Summer." And, yes, the Man will definitely mount a U.S. tour, his first since 1993, in support of the set.OFF-THE-(ATN) WIRE: Babes in Toyland, the noisy all-female rock trio, has a new bassist. Her name is Danna Cochran, and she previously played with the Minneapolis band Mickey Finn. According to sources at the band's label, Reprise Records, Cochran will join the band immediately on the road, replacing departed bass player and original member Maureen Herman... The archivist for the late Frank Zappa says there are some 10,000 reels of recording video tape in Zappa's vault. The material is being cataloged, and it's a sure bet that new Zappa albums will continue to be issued well into the next century...With Scott Weiland apparently just about done with rehab, a 30 show Stone Temple Pilots tour is expected to begin in early November...Eddie Vedder has been singing praises for Pearl Jam's opening act, the Fastbacks. At the group's recent show in Columbia, Maryland, Vedder told the sold-out crowd, that he and the Fastbacks' Kim Warnick had been reminiscing about all of the arena rock shows they attended growing up, and the magic they experienced seeing their heroes in such a dramatic setting. "We're just glad to be part of that whole feeling," he said.

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