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Box Office Smash 'Lone Survivor' Sugarcoats Soldiers' Traumas

Film critics and commentators have ignored what veterans and their families are saying about the movie depicting a Navy SEAL mission in Afghanistan.

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Meanwhile, earlier this week, eight civilians—one woman and seven children—were killed after a covert night raid targeting militants, like the one depicted in Lone Survivor, came under fire from insurgents. An airstrike was called in for support, and several compounds were destroyed, killing the civilians. This atrocity of war echoes the moral decision of the goatherds that weighs so heavily on the movie.

Karen Meredith likes Lone Survivor because it brings the soldiers alive again, but she cautions against the film being used as a justification for war.

“I think people misuse the word patriotism now. They wrap themselves in the flag—and that flag covered my son's grave. So don't tell me that that flag doesn't belong to me because I don't share the same thoughts about foreign policy. That red on that flag is the blood of my son. Don't tell me I'm not patriotic because I want this war to end one day sooner, to have one less mother's son die."

She adds, "And if I can end this war one day sooner, perhaps I will save the life of your son.”

Tom Hintze is a freelance writer. Follow him on Twitter @@thhintze.

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