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What Arab Spring? Latest Events in Egypt Practically Erase the History of the Past Two Years

Pinochet Sisi is treating the Egyptian crisis like a Hollywood hit—despite the fact that the European Union and U.S. may soon "suspend aid."

There he is, Egypt's new pharaoh, Pinochet Sisi, in  full regalia/glory. Subtitles are superfluous. This is General Abdel Fattel al-Sisi's Oscar moment. He's thanking his sponsors/producers. When he mentions "Saudi Arabia" the room goes wild. When he mentions [King] "Abdullah" the room goes wild. 

What a performance. A biopic looms. He's already dreaming of Jack Nicholson doing him on screen. Note the self-congratulatory smirk, as he is so confident of having fooled legions of Arab "progressives" - from secular leftists to Nasserists - into believinghe's defending the interests of the perennially invoked "Egyptian people". 

Note the "Fight against terrorism" on the top left of the small screen. Here's Sisi as Dubya - in Mission Accomplished mode. Who cares that Egypt has been reduced to a totally (bloody) failed state? Who cares about competing gruesome headlines - "Sinai Militants Execute 25 Egypt Police" versus "Junta Suffocates 38 Detainees in Police Van"? He's winning the "war on terror" - as the new head of the snake, the snake that never got away. 

Feel free to bask in the snake's glow. And as a climax to the show, the previous head of the snake could be freed in the next 24 hours. To the delight of the House of Saud, who loved him as one of their own, the snake charmers are about to release Hosni Mubarak. "Arab Spring?" - one can easily imagine the former head of the snake muttering. "Don't make me laugh." And he won't - at least in public. This "Arab Spring", this Google invention, never happened. You can all go home now - and stay there. The snake will protect you and defend the interests of the "Egyptian people." But remember; if you're against us, you're a terrorist. And we're coming to get you. 

We're Deciding Not to Decide

The producers of the Egyptian epic are as delighted as their star. What a major box office success. Who cares that Poodleland - as in the European Union - will convene an "emergency" meeting this Wednesday to perhaps "suspend aid" to Glorious Sisi? Who cares that the US Congress is tentatively following the same path? [1] 

Picture a split screen featuring roars of laughter at the producers lair in Riyadh. For the Obama administration this was - and remains - a coup that is not a coup, although it walked like a coup and talked like a coup. But categorical imperatives do not apply here. So congress is deciding they are not going to say if it's a coup or not. And the Obama administration is deciding to say nothing about what it may decide - only that is "reprograming" the whole thing. 

Whatever non-decision is reached, the producers couldn't care less. The Saudi foreign minister, the eternal Saud al-Faisal, has already promised that the producers and other Gulf Cooperation Council associate producers - as in the United Arab Emirates - will happily match and perhaps even double whatever aid is lost by the glorious head of the snake Sisi. 

The New York Times struggled hard to give the impression that Washington had any sway in influencing glorious Sisi - and the producers - against launching the coup that is not a coup. [2] That is eminently laughable (cut to the split screen in Riyadh). The only nugget in the report is that the House of Saud, the UAE and Israel frantically incited, supported and lobbied for the coup that is not a coup; Asia Times Online had already  reported about it. 

Ooops, Israel; glorious Sisi could not possibly thank this particular producer in his Oscar acceptance speech. How can you justify that to the Arab street - that we're the servants of the occupiers of Palestine? As for the Israelis, they couldn't care less; Sisi is "one of them"; they are always "in close contact"; and he would never do anything to cancel the Camp David accords. 

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