Video: 'I Want the World to Know How Important It Is for Us Ukrainians to Have Freedom'

A young Ukrainian woman supports her besieged country in this video thanking protestors gathered at Independence Square in Kiev.

In this exclusive video, a young Ukrainian woman speaks in support of her country's fight for independence and freedom.


I was born and raised in Ukraine and my family is still there.

Just five days ago Ukraine moved towards martial law. That gave the military the right to search, detain and even fire on civilians. But on Friday, Feb. 21, the Ukrainian parliament resumed the performance of the constitution of 2004.

I want you to know — I want the world to know — how important it is for us Ukrainians to have freedom: freedom to live, freedom from dictatorship, freedom of being citizens of [this] wonderful country.

A thousand years ago our country was the center of the first Slavic civilization. We were invaded by Mongols, Polish, Russians, Austrians and Nazis. During our entire history we were fighting for our freedom and for the last three months we were facing terror from our government and our politicians.

Today I want to take a step and support all Ukrainians who were in Independence Square of Kiev — Maidan! I want to show my respect to the people who were fighting for our national identity.

We are one nation and we have enough strength to face our bloody past and fight for our future.

It doesn’t matter where we are in the world: in Ukraine, the United States of America, China or Australia. We are Ukrainians and we always keep our spirit by being strong.

Three days ago we were invaded by our government. But we spread the message to the world, we brought awareness to the situation in the Ukraine and we saved innocent people who were in danger of being killed.

Today I want to speak on behalf of my nation and thank all people who help us change history in our fight for democracy and freedom.