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Right-Wing Group Bankrolls Legal Defense for Dutch Islam Basher

The Middle East Forum’s Legal Project is increasingly the go-to funder for high-profile legal defenses in both the United States and abroad.

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Between 2007 and 2010, the Bradley Foundation — an influential funder of conservative causes — issued $150,000 in grants that specified the Legal Project as one of the initiatives to be supported through the funding.

“The Bradley brothers were committed to preserving and defending the tradition of free representative government and private enterprise that has enabled the American nation and, in a larger sense, the entire Western world to flourish intellectually and economically,”  reads a mission statement on the foundation’s website.

The San Francisco-based Koret Foundation has also made significant donations to the group. Between 2008 and 2011, the foundation issued $180,000 in that specified the Legal Project as one of the projects to receive funding.

The Foundation was “seeded with the estates of Joseph and Stephanie Koret, whose Koret of California sportswear line was a leader in ladies’ coordinated fashion,”  says the foundation’s website.

The website continues: “Over the years, the Foundation’s priorities have evolved from feeding the hungry, caring for the elderly, and providing for the needy to contemporary program areas. These include public policy initiatives,  K-12 education reformfree-market economic expansion in Israel, a thriving  Bay Area cultural landscape, and the  Koret Taube Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood.

“Since 1979, the Koret Foundation has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in strengthening the communities of the Bay Area and Israel. Its cumulative philanthropic investment is currently approaching $500 million.”

Neither foundation responded to inquiries about the grants.



Eli Clifton is a reporter for the American Independent.

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