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How the Anti-Defamation League Fuels Islamophobia

The ADL's anti-Arab, pro-Israel mindset has led the group to perpetuate an anti-Muslim worldview.

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[76] The following AP articles were published prior to the ADL’s giving the award to Galati: Matt Apuzzo & Adam Goldman, “With CIA Help, NYPD Moves Covertly in Muslim Areas”; Matt Apuzzo & Adam Goldman, “Inside the Spy Unit that NYPD Says Doesn’t Exist,” August 31, 2011,; Adam Goldman, Eileen Sullivan & Matt Apuzzo, “NYPD Eyed US Citizens in Intel Effort,” Sept. 22, 2011,; Chris Hawley & Matt Apuzzo, “NYPD Infiltration of Colleges Raises Privacy Fears,” October 11, 2011, ; Adam Goldman & Matt Apuzzo, “What’s the CIA Doing at NYPD? Depends Whom You Ask,” October 17, 2011,; Matt Apuzzo & Adam Goldman, “NYPD Keeps Files on Muslims Who Change Their Names,” October 26, 2011, A list of all of the AP articles in this Pulitzer Prize-winning series, including articles written after the ADL’s award to Galati, is available at “AP Probe into NYPD Intelligence Operations,” (all accessed Sept. 30, 2012).

[77] ADL, “ADL Honors NYPD Intelligence Chief for Courage and Dedication,” press release, Nov. 7, 2011, (accessed Oct. 1, 2012). Also Kane, “The Jewish Establishment Goes to Bat for Ray Kelly and the NYPD.”

[78] Adam Goldman & Matt Apuzzo, “NYPD: Muslim Spying Led to No Leads, Terror Cases,” New York Daily News, Aug. 21, 2012, (accessed September 30, 2012). Goldman & Apuzzo, “NYPD: Muslim Spying Led to No Leads, Terror Cases.” In his testimony, Galati explained that the NYPD thought it legitimate to collect information, for example, on speakers of Urdu (the language of 15 million Pakistanis and 60 million Indians) or someone from South Lebanon, because, he said, “that may be an indicator of possibility that that is a sympathizer of Hezbollah because Southern Lebanon is dominated by Hezbollah.”

Elly Bulkin is a writer and editor. Donna Nevel is a community psychologist and educator. They were founding members of Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition and steering committee members of Communities in Support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy. They can be reached at

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