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Col. Manners Takes Your Top Secret Questions on CIA Practices, Invasion Etiquette and More

Our man on the inside gives advice too secret to ignore.

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Who would claim the same for the Russians (except of course, the Russians)?  In fact, when it comes to the rest of the so-called international community, it’s remarkable how seldom genuine good intentions are mixed up with aggressive acts.  For them, the constraints of international law are crucial.  For the United States, international law might be thought of as a luxury item.  Since we can be relied on to do our best, whatever the circumstances, we can naturally be left free to pick and choose among international law, national law, and a growing body of well-thought-out  secret law, depending on the situation.

Yes, we make mistakes; yes, there are bad eggs in any basket; but please, this is the United States of America!  Don’t get all legalistic on us.

From the well-intentioned,

Col. Manners

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