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Activists Say Brutal Austerity in Greece Should Disqualify EU From Nobel Peace Prize

Democracy Now! speaks with critics of the European Union across Oslo as it was set to receive the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

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AMY GOODMAN: Martin Schulz, European Parliament president, speaking on Sunday. I put the European Union’s defense on the issue of militarism to one of the leaders of the protest movement, Hedda Langemyr, head of the Norway Peace Council, at the activists’ news conference on Sunday.

If you could talk further about how you feel the European Union is militarizing the world—I think in one of your press releases it says EU member states have provided weapons sales—third-largest amount of weapons sales in the world, but the EU isn’t responsible for each of their member states.

HEDDA LANGEMYR: Well, the EU is a consolidation of strong powers and strong national powers. And it’s more difficult to divide between the member state actions and the EU as an institutional force. But I think both in our press releases and also in our presentations today, we’ve made it very clear that it is not only the member states that do export weapons, and it’s not only the one—member states facilitating the weapon industry, but it’s also EU on an institutional level. And that is the main reason, at least I’m here today, to contradict this prize.

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