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When Police Are Encouraged to Abuse, Not Protect

The NYPD's quota system forces officers to crack down on the very people they are supposed to serve and protect.

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As a consequence, our city's citizens do not feel safe in their own neighborhoods, on their own streets, or in their own apartment buildings. Community members do not see the police as a source of protection -- in fact, a comment we have heard frequently reflects an opposing belief: "We feel we have to protect ourselves from them" -- and lose faith in a legal system which unjustly singles out and punishes them at its earliest stages and with its most public arm.

PBA President Patrick Lynch stated recently that quotas are " . . . ineffective in fighting crime and serve as a tremendous source of friction with the communities that our members are sworn to protect. Eliminating unnecessary and counterproductive quotas will allow police officers to keep New York City safe while winning back the support of its citizens."



Robert Gangi is Director of the Police Reform Organizing Project.

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