WATCH: Jon Stewart Rips Republicans for Stalling on Immigration Reform

"Chris Christie, 2016! Now, there's a guy who knows how to clog a border."

Photo Credit: screengrab via The Daily Show

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart is at wit's end with Republican hemming and hawing about immigration reform. On the one hand House Speaker John Boehner recently announced, "It's time," to pass comprehensive reform. Then on the other hand, later Boehner backpedaled and said it's not time, because "there's widespread doubt whether this Administration will enforce the laws of the land."

Flabbergasted, Stewart pointed out that enforcing laws is the administration's job, then added, "For the GOP to say they don't trust Obama to enforce laws is the greatest projection in the history of psychology."  A rapid-fire montage of Republican obstructionism, filibustering, attempts to overturn Obamacare, and refusals to approve judicial appointments followed.

It seems that what Republicans most fear is that if immigration reform is passed, Democrats will get the credit. "This is just the kind of passive-aggressive democracy our founders had in mind," Stewart quipped.