WATCH: Jon Stewart Drops a Truth Bomb on John McCain and Other Warmongers

The idiot band who were wrong about everything in Iraq war is back together.

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

Jon Stewart went after the warmongers who were dead wrong about Iraq in the first place and now have the gall to go on TV and blame the entire mess on Barack Obama. People who really should have crawled under a rock in shame and stayed there, Paul Wolfowitz, Lindsey Graham, and most notably, the wrongest of them all, John McCain, are making the rounds so much, "you'd have thought they won 'Dancing With the Stars,' " Stewart quips.

How wrong was McCain? Stewart has a clip of him saying, "there is no history of violent clashes between Sunnis and Shia" in the region, and so, McCain imagines that after the U.S. heroically restores democracy, the Iraqis will be able to live peacefully ever after. And if not, there is always the McCain solution for everything: more military intervention.

There is, of course, also the utter hypocrisy of blaming Obama for the mess Bush created, including blaming the "Kenyan, Muslim, terrorist, vegan" president for the troop withdrawal that was, in fact, mandated under the "Status of Forces" agreement that Bush signed after "planting those wonderful seeds of peace and democracy to blossom and grow like a flower" in Iraq.

Why is McCain still talking? Stewart wonders. We all do. Stewart's answer: "The John McCain military plan is the same as the John McCain media strategy—be everywhere, forever."