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Watch Mark Fiore's Hilarious Animation: Cliven Bundy's Hypocritical Home on the Range

Bundy and his pals are calling the anti-government militia types to his side to keep him from having to pay past due grazing fees
In case you haven't heard about cattle rancher  Cliven Bundy in Nevada, he's the guy who has become the latest anti-gub'mint celebrity for the libertarian  gun crowd.  Ol' Cliven Bundy and I have a lot in common.  (Except for the backwards racist part.)  Both our families homesteaded in the West and started cattle ranches.
The only difference is that for the past twenty years or so, Bundy has refused to pay grazing fees for grazing his cattle herds on public Bureau of Land Management land.  (You know, that land that  belongs to every person in the United States.)  He's taking a stand against those invasive government regulations that charge him a whopping $1.35 a month per cow (and calves) if they use public lands.
Now Bundy and his pals are calling the  anti-government militia types to his side to keep him from having to pay past due grazing fees, not to mention stop grazing his cattle on protected land.  (Say hello, desert tortoise.)  There are so many issues rolled into this, it seems only fitting to set it to "Home on the Range."  Enjoy the cartoon, and enjoy our public lands! 

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