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Scalia Licks His Chops: Upcoming SCOTUS Case May Be Even Worse than Citizens United

Legal expert warns that McCutcheon v. FEC could eradicate all donor limits.

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What we need to do is to make room for other core American values to be at play in this debate. So, for example: the core value of political equality. Core values of participation in our democracy…

We definitely need to look at — to be transforming — the Court’s entire approach to money in politics. We need to go back to Buckley, start over, and get it right

Who is the justice to watch here? Does this ultimately come down to how far to the right John Roberts wants to go on this?

I think John Roberts is an important justice to watch, because while he has been skeptical of campaign finance reform throughout his tenure on the court, he’s also been sensitive to the status and reputation of the court…

The American people…are watching the Court very closely for this McCutcheon case. There are people who are ready to take action in its wake…

A radical decision from the Court, that jeopardizes contribution limits in general, will really do a significant amount of harm to the Court’s stature. Because the public does not believe that corporations are people. The public does not believe that money is speech. And the public does not believe that one person should be able to dump $3.5 million into an election and drown out their fellow citizens, threatening the integrity of our democracy.


Josh Eidelson (josheidelson.com) is a Nation contributor and was a union organizer for five years. He covers labor as a contributing writer at Salon and In These Times. Check out his blog or follow him on Twitter.