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'Sandy Hook Truthers' Crank Their Gun-Nuttery Up to the Max

A vile conspiracy theory is gaining traction in the gun rights community.

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There’s no question that gun control is effective, and it’s at least worth trying, but we can’t even talk about it now.

JH: People can also take a peek at a piece in the New York Times last Sunday titled, “ More guns equal more killing.” It does seem pretty incontrovertible.

I spoke recently with a Vietnam vet who had seen quite a bit of action. He told me, "Look, when you come under an ambush" -- which is what these things are, they’re always surprise attacks; we’re not expecting people to jump out with Bushmasters at school or in a movie theater -- he said, "When you come under an ambush, the hardest thing to teach troops is fire discipline. The instinct is to start shooting around wildly. You’re under fire, there are bullets whipping around you. That’s the instinct."

If you think about this idea, that if you just have a lot of gun-toting citizens without combat training in these scenes, that that’s going to stop these mass killings, it just defies the experience of military tacticians.

And my friend said that when they set up an ambush, they would expect the enemy to incur friendly fire -- that enemy troops would shoot each other in that mad scramble, that panic when you have the adrenaline pumping. Then you add another element to it in these mass shooting situations, which is that police arrive on the scene -- if you have six different people with guns out, what do they do? Whom do they shoot?

ASW: Yes, in 2009 after the Virginia Tech shootings, ABC News, or  20/20, did an amazing experiment that I would encourage everyone to take a look at. They recreated a situation where you had a gun in a school shooting.

They trained a dozen people, a dozen volunteers. They gave them more training than is required by most states for concealed carry permits. They told them, “Later today, a gunman is going to come in. You have the only gun in the room. You need to fight them off.”

They knew it was coming, which of course is not going to happen in real life. In every single case, even in the cases where they had volunteers who had years of gun experience on the range, every single one of them got shot. Fortunately, they were using paint balls, so they didn’t actually get hurt. Several of them shot other civilians. Not a single one of them was able to shoot the killer.

If you have any experience, even playing paintball, you realize this is totally absurd and not going to work. Just like today, unfortunately, we had another school shooting in California. At that school, there was a sheriff’s deputy there, 24 hours a day, or at least as long as there’s school in session. The shooting still happened.

Having somebody with a gun at the place of a mass killing just doesn’t mean that they can stop the killer.

JH: There was also an armed guard at Columbine High School. There was also a man with a concealed carry permit at the site of Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting. He turned the corner, and he said that he came very, very close to shooting one of the people who had tackled the actual shooter and wrestled his gun away. He actually was extremely grateful that he had shown the restraint to not open fire. In the situation, he had a very limited picture of what had been going on. This is real life.

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