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Pat Robertson Tells Woman to Reward Husband with Sex for Doing Chores (VIDEO)

Televangelist once again dispenses antiquated marital advice. Co-host can't stop laughing.

Photo Credit: screenshot via youtube


This piece first ran on rightwingwatch.

Today on the “700 Club,” host Pat Robertson offered viewers advice on “how to have a happy marriage according to Pat.” Robertson chided one viewer who said was bothered that her husband “has always felt the need to point out when he helps with chores around the house” by reminding her, “Remember, I did that for you.”

Robertson told the viewer that her husbands remarks are simply part of the “male psyche” and “his way of saying I love you.”

“Do you want to have a loving, warm, sensuous, exciting marriage or do you want to have a partnership, a business relationship with your spouse? That’s what you’re asking for,” he said.

The televangelist added that the woman should reward her husband in the bedroom for doing the dishes: “With each dish he’s saying I love you, and if you understood that and you say, ‘Darling I got a treat for you…wait till we get behind closed doors and you’ll see the treat I have for you.”

Brian Tashman is a research associate at Right Wing Watch, the blog of People for the American Way.
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