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Operative Linked To Voter Registration Fraud Still Working For GOP?

"Fired" consultant Nathan Sproul appears to be operating on behalf of Republicans in at least 10 states

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The letter then goes on to ask Gillespie for answers to four questions by October 23rd:

1) For what purposes did American Crossroads hire Mr. Sproul and what services did he provide?
2) Why would you associate yourself and your organization with a man like Mr. Sproul who has been dogged by so many allegations of voter registration fraud?
3) In light of the newest revelations about Mr. Sproul’s activities, has Romney for President, Inc., severed its relationship with him? If not, what services are he or any of his companies now providing the campaign?
4) Mr. Sproul told the Los Angeles Times that he created Strategic Allied Consulting at and kept his name off of its records to prevent anyone connecting the firm to him and his shady reputation at the request of the RNC. Have you, American Crossroads, or Romney for President done business with Mr. Sproul under any other names? If so, what were they, what services did he prove, and what was he paid?

The questions sent to Rove were virtually identical, though asked if American Crossroads had “severed its relationship with [Sproul] and all of his various companies”, before asking a fifth question:

5) What were your dealings with Mr. Sproul or his companies while you were in the White House and during the 2000 and 2004 Presidential campaigns?

Answer to those questions for Rove, as well, are requested by Gonzalez by October 23, “so that every American who is eligible to vote may go to the polls on November 06 confident that neither you nor any of your political organizations is engaged in an effort to undermine the integrity of our electoral process.”

For his part, Sproul vociferously defended his companies during our short time on record with him, pointing out that charges have never been brought against any of his companies over the years, despite evidence of improprieties in a number of states, during several election cycles — and despite requests for an “immediate investigation” from the George W. Bush Administration’s U.S. Dept. of Justice by Senators Patrick Leahy and Ted Kennedy as early as 2004…back during the period when the Bush/Cheney campaign had reportedly paid more than $7 million to Sproul for his services during their re-election campaign.

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