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Operative Linked To Voter Registration Fraud Still Working For GOP?

"Fired" consultant Nathan Sproul appears to be operating on behalf of Republicans in at least 10 states

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“Despite your party’s requests over the past thirty years, federal courts have repeatedly declined to lift that decree,” the letter to Priebus continues. “The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit on December 13, 2010, pointed to violations as recent as 2004 and found no evidence of ‘any significant change that renders prospective application of the Decree inequitable.’”

The Congressmen then detail some of Sproul’s history, dating back to 2004, as well as the more recent concerns about his company:

During the 2004 campaign, operating as Sproul & Associates, it was reported that his firm fraudulently altered and destroyed voter registration forms in at least two states.  The firm was paid at least $8 million for its work, although the precise amount is unclear from the RNC’s confusing financial disclosures. Apparently, the RNC was not dissatisfied with their work nor put off by their reputation because, in 2008, operating under the new name “Lincoln Strategy Group” the RNC again employed Mr. Sproul. In June of this year, the Romney campaign hired Mr. Sproul during the primary and has paid him at least $70,000. The RNC hired Mr. Sproul’s firm, under yet a third name, as your only vendor signing up new voters.This repeated affiliation of the RNC with a man of Mr. Sproul’s reputation for voter registration fraud and other forms of electoral skullduggery is deeply disturbing.

Finally, they ask Chairman Priebus’ responses to five questions:

1) Why did the RNC and your state affiliates hire a company run by a man with such a long history of improper behavior?

2) Was the Republican National Committee involved in the decision to change the name of Mr. Sproul’s company as he has alleged? Was this change in identity made in order to escape scrutiny for your decision to employ them?

3) For what other activities and in which states is Mr. Sproul or Strategic Allied Consulting engaged by or for the RNC or your affiliates?

4) Is Mr. Sproul doing business with the RNC under any other names?

5) What steps are you or the RNC taking with your present and future contractors to ensure that neither this alleged fraud or abuse, nor anything similar, occurs again or elsewhere?

A spokesman for Gonzalez tells  The BRAD BLOG that they have yet to hear back from Priebus, though their letter formally requests answers to those questions by next Tuesday, October 16th.

In our article last week reporting that the  Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement had opened an official criminal investigation of Sproul and his firm, we also mentioned that a  similar letter was sent by Rep. Cummings seeking answers and documents from Sproul himself.

And, on Tuesday,  The BRAD BLOG has learned, Gonzalez sent similar letters  to Karl Rove [PDF] and former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie [PDF] seeking their explanation for the nearly one million dollars which American Crossroads, the nation’s second largest Super PAC, co-founded by the pair, paid to Sproul’s companies during this election cycle.

The letter to Gillespie, who left American Crossroads to become a senior adviser to the Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign, spells out Gonzalez’ concerns, and hopes that the powerful former RNC Chair might be able “to reassure the American public by helping to explain the story behind these contracts.”

“American Crossroads, the Super PAC, which you and Karl Rove co-founded, paid at least $750,000 to companies run by Nathan Sproul, the founder of Strategic Allied Consulting,” writes the Congressman.

“The Romney campaign has paid Sproul companies at least $71,000 in the past year. Mr. Sproul has a reputation tarnished by allegations of voter registration crimes stretching from North Carolina and Florida to Nevada and Oregon and at least back to back to 2004,” the letter reads. “By hiring his companies, the second largest Super PAC in the country and the campaign of the Republican presidential forerunning [ sic] have affiliated themselves with him and supported his efforts. You can understand why Americans are troubled by the possible implications.”