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Operative Linked To Voter Registration Fraud Still Working For GOP?

"Fired" consultant Nathan Sproul appears to be operating on behalf of Republicans in at least 10 states

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When we asked Sproul directly: “Do your other companies still work for the RNC or other state or local parties?”, his response came back as a blunt, “No.”

In a response to a follow-up query, when we asked Sproul to explain evidence suggesting that his companies were, in fact, still operating elsewhere on behalf of Republicans, he walked back his original denial a bit.

“I know you have additional questions, including many about SAC [Strategic Allied Consulting] and its affiliates and work we’ve done in other places and for other clients,” Sproul said. “Those questions fall either outside the bounds of what I can discuss or outside the bounds of where I’m comfortable going in this story. I hope you’ll understand.”

And yet, as still more evidence is emerging to show that Sproul may have been less than forthcoming in some of his responses to  The BRAD BLOG (he has refused to respond to additional, specific follow-up queries on this emerging evidence, after Liebowitz was brought on board as his crisis spokesperson), Congressional Democrats have similar questions about Sproul’s work with the GOP and if it may be continuing even now.

Senior Democratic members of the U.S. House Elections, Judiciary and Oversight Committees seeking answers — from Sproul, RNC Chair Reince Priebus, as well as GOP heavies Karl Rove and former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie (now a senior adviser to Romney) who founded one of the top Republican Super PACs and paid Sproul some $750,000 for unspecified work — about what Sproul’s operations may still be up to, despite the RNC’s recent public, if unsupported, claim of a “zero tolerance” policy for election fraud and those who practice it…

Sproul companies still at work for the GOP in other states?

Shortly after the  GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal first broke late last month, $430,000 in payments from the California Republican Party made to “Grassroots Outreach, LLC”, a firm which shared the same corporate Tempe, AZ address as Sproul’s companies Sproul & Associates and Lincoln Strategy Groups.

Most of the payments in this election cycle, according to the database, are said to be for “Signature Gathering” (presumably for ballot initiatives, etc.), though $34,000 of those payments are noted to be for “Voter Registration”.

Sproul confirmed to  The BRAD BLOG that Grassroots Outreach is, indeed, one of his companies, though he insists the CA database is in error, because, he says, his companies have done no voter registration in the state this year.

“Those entries are incorrect,” he told us. “We did not do any voter registration work for the [California Republican Party] in 2012 as indicated. I think its a simple mistake in reporting. I think that should have been for signature gathering as well.”

He also denied doing registration work in Oregon this year, despite evidence we detailed in  our recent report showing that registration workers in Portland were seen using the same, deceptive tactics caught on video tape in other parts of the country where Sproul’s workers were seen presenting themselves as pollsters, rather than registration workers, in order to screen for Romney supporters and filter out Democratic-leaning voters, so as to keep them from being able to register to vote at all.

Greg Flynn of the North Carolina blog “BlueNC”, was the one to  originally connect the Strategic Allied Consulting firm to Nathan Sproul, after noticing that Sproul & Associates was listed at the owner of  Strategic’s Internet domain name. (After his initial report, the company changed the InterNIC record of the domain to “private”, but not before Flynn had screen-captured the evidence.)