Tea Party and the Right  
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The NRA Goes to Congress... Gun-nuttery Ensues

Unlike most gun owners, they're fighting to keep the gun-show loophole open.

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For example, what if the snake from Anaconda, those nasty little guys from Mars Attacks! and Joe Pesci all break your door down and demand you feed them your babies for fuel in a machines-from-The-Matrix type move? Won't you feel stupid then when you don't have your 100-round-drum magazine? 

Of course, what do I know? I'm a hater, just like the Methodists, Catholics, police officers, dead entertainers, shoe companies and baseball teams on the  recently released NRA Enemies list.  

This column originally appeared at Al Jazeera English.


Cliff Schecter is an author, pundit and public relations strategist whose firm Libertas, LLC handles media relations for political, corporate and non-profit clients.  Follow him on Twitter: @CliffSchecter

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