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Neil deGrasse Tyson 'Goes There' on Climate Change: Creationists and Right-Wingers Freak Out

Answers in Genesis refute science with the Bible and lose. Again.

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This is the same drum being beaten over and over again. By AiG’s standards all murderers and rapists who lack an eyewitness testimony should be released from prison immediately because evidence is not good enough.

The scientific evidence for plate tectonics is massive and is not disputed by the scientific community; it can be witnessed in action today and the after-effects of its work can be seen all around the world.

Because this evidence contradicts their holy book, they once again call scientists prejudiced and blind, and then claim that they have an answer. Then AiG pulls out the only card they have:

There is a Book, the recorded Word of God provided by the Creator of the earth, that provides in its history a reliable and consistent guide to  interpret the geological record.

“There is a Book,” over and over again. There is also a book that tells us vampires sparkle in the sun, and another book that tells us hobbits throw rings into volcanoes. Books are not simply reliable sources of history because someone says they are—they need evidence to back up their claims.

AiG has not been this frightened in many years. They are grasping at new straws, straws that include attacking the scientific evidence of an oxygen-rich planet and bugs that will keep you up at night if you imagine them living today.

Yet to top off the massive explosion of irony from AiG this week, they end their temper tantrum of an article with this:

This episode of “Cosmos” offers a lot of beautiful graphics and special effects, but in the end it should be lumped with fairy tales like Tinker Bell or Shrek. Yet Bible-believing creation scientists who are willing to look at the world through the history provided in God’s Word without the prejudice and blind ignorance can “read” in earth’s geology a true and exciting account of our history. And biblical truth is a much better account than fiction.

It is hard to know where to begin in deconstructing such nonsense, but the quote speaks for itself: the creationists are so beyond delusional they start off by inventing a form of science that does not exist—creation-science. They call evidence-based observation and data "fairy tales," and then continue to reference their book that contains unicorns, dragons, talking snakes, talking donkeys, virgin birth and resurrections. I think the evidence speaks loudly for itself, and AiG's biggest fear is that you will hear it.

Dan Arel is the author of Parenting Without God and blogs at Danthropology. Follow him on Twitter @danarel.